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I'm starting my venture into RPGMaker MV, and just discovered the awesomeness of plugins. I downloaded the Orange HUD plugin, and it's lovely and simple. But I want to do minor tweaks in it, but I have no idea how (I mean, I tried messing with the script, but it didn't work). Would anyone help me?


I'm using The Orange HUD Main plugin, the HUDLine plugin, and the HUDClock plugin. What I want to do is:

- Remove the outline from the font.
- Remove the seconds from the time (just hour:minutes).

I want to remove the outline to make it compatible with another plugin I'm using which is

So Kloe helped me with removing seconds from the clock. Now I just need to find a way to remove the outline!
Found another HUD Maker. All problems solved. Sorry for the useless topic: :/

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