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Hello! I'm making a commercial indie mystery/horror game and really want to stray well away from the rtp so that I can get a really atmospheric/unique element to my game.

I'm searching for a sprite artist that will also be able to do some animations for a sprite such as falling over or a walking sprite holding a lantern. I don't have a style in particular that I'm looking for (only a general idea of what I'd like to see) so if you're interested in the work I can give more details such as the characters/the game/the maps they will be featured in to get a sense of the style of the tileset through PM. This is probably incredibly vague, but any pixel/sprite artist interested can message me with their portfolios and any questions and I'll be happy to answer

In terms of payment, I'm happy to pay your standard rates for whatever you charge for your work. It's likely that I'll ask for half the sprites that I want first and then pay for that, and then of course re-commission you to finish the rest so in 2 orders.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
I have sent you a PM.
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