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Was going through my old photobucket account, post anything you somehow still have from old times, can be RMN, old screenshots, or internet in general (plz no rickroll memes or whatever).

rmn2 front page back when balmung cycle was featured

the biggest sig ever made (from RRR)

opera 4 lyfe

when rmn added banners (before CSS was added I think)

no idea what this was for, i think suggestions for RMN3?

a cry for help on charas
I don't think I have any screenshots older than 3 years.
Well, I got curious and dug through my old photobucket account. There wasn't really much related to old internet culture, but I did have some stuff related to some old projects I worked on way back when, if anyone's curious.

Old Maps:

A sword and sorcery setting, vaguely inspired by Conan and Rice Boy.

An elf village I made for a friend's D&D group. I think the general idea was "The Ewok village, but more elfy".

The upper levels of the elf village.

A map I made for a Star Wars tabletop role playing game I wanted to run. The planets aren't even remotely where they should be, but this universe wasn't supposed to necessarily follow either Disney or Legends, so meh.

The oldest map I made. I seem to remember my friend being happy with it, though looking at it now, it's pretty hideous.

Old Screenshots:

An experiment I did a few years back. I think I was trying to reproduce a Gihren's Greed style map?

This was the main city for a Fallout fangame I was working on in 2010. Abandoned because it wasn't very good.

An exterior map I made for a short Cyberpunk project that never saw the light of day.

There was a point years ago where I realized that using the Spinning Globe plugin in GIMP could create planet animations in RPGmaker, and I started doing a lot of experiments. This would have been an overworld map.

I remember years ago, me and my then girlfriend visited a thrift store and I found a copy of Master of Orion 3. The game wasn't very good, but it inspired this concept. Each of those planets spins when you select them, which meant a lot of Conditional Branches, because this was way before Cherry's V1.12 update.

An Arabian Nights style game. Never really did much beyond this one city map.

A short sci-fi game vaguely inspired by A Blurred Line, except it was going to be underwater because I bought Aquanox 2 on GOG a week before and decided I wanted in on that.

Another overworld screen that I made around Christmas 2011. I think this one actually worked, though making the actual maps burnt me out and I abandoned it.
Those shots look pretty sick Sidewinder, :O I'd kill for an ABL-like these days. Reminds me of which keeps getting remade over and over.
I dug up the oldest file in my locker and it was... the changelog of my first/last/only released 2k3 game! Done back when I could actually make drastic changes to a game to try and make it good and it doesn't take years. I love that I covered so much in the change notes but damn if I don't remember what half of them are even about. Also oh god half the stuff is references

Less own-rm-project-but-still-found-in-locker related, I totally forgot about Pusheen!

Also Sidewinder that stuff you were working on looked real neat!
Oh hey, I remember that. Except I think it was called Solar Tear when I played it, and also some of the plot might have been different. I remember Rebecca being a mercenary hacker type character, not a former engineer.

Anyway, it's something I think about every few months or so, but I generally never get too far. What really made ABL for me was the writing. And it's just too complex for me to really do anything on that level (even something as minor as the Director patting Talan on the shoulder is something that I think probably had some weird payoff in a Line's End).
only 90s kids will like this admin
Oh wow I bet I have some good stuff squirreled away. I am going to have to go digging when I get home. In the meantime, I went through some of my oldest locker files.

Some planning documents from Hero's Realm (I think I collected this for a Brickroad IRC roundtable on game design?) 08/10/2009:

some old images:

secret window into the admin area

Paradise Blue

No idea.

remember the SNEWS?


oh god some picture of me dressed up for a halloween party (theme: music stars)



attention staff!







that's enough for now
Yellow Magic
I'll never regain the bones I lost from my loneliness and sorrow
I forgot that gz game existed, though it seems too polished for targ. Wasn't there also a news anchor pixel art thing that was in a chain game or something? The pixel art in the gw community was actually pretty good.

When I first started doing custom art from the ground up

Game with like 5 different titles, i think Space Funeral had a bit of influence on it
solos collectors on purpose
These were a couple of character sketches around...'05 or '06-ish? I scanned them recently while decluttering and destroying the old originals. For some reason I had all these emotion portraits and bios planned out for something, but had never heard of RPG Maker or software like it at the time, haha

Some redraws and random doodles around 2009

My oldest locker file (2011) is a logo for a project whose gamepage had been hidden for years now because there were very few futuristic assets for regular VX back then.

Probably the oldest internet thing I have period is a neopets account from 2002 which somehow still existed, and I was able to get back in! The place is pretty sad nowadays, though. :/ It's like the dead mall of browser games.
Hotel California is great as long as you don't get a room by the ice machine

This is like 9 years old.

Oh like old stuff in general. Here's an old Mac Performa background I downloaded in a fit of nostalgia:

And here's the oldest thing currently in my locker:
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
I treasure this one because it's one of the first pics of this nature that made me actually laugh out loud.

These are all over 10 years old.
I won the RMN 2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Pool. Now I will never stop bragging about it.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Hey, cool to see Infection in one of those old screenshots!

If I ever get my old computer back up and running I should have a treasure trove of old stuff from RMN and rpg maker stuff. It's literally like a pharaoh's tomb, just waiting to be opened.

that floppy sound

is so nostalgic
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Git ready for that middle-school, mid-00's cringe that only little girl me with a bad chromosome can deliver via Tripod...

There used to be this website on the early internet called Super Mario Brothers HQ, and a sub-site of it run by the webmaster's pal. That sub-site was called "Neglected Mario Characters", and featured sprite comics back when. This was my preteens-to-early-teens attempts at doing similar. Below is the flagship comic of mine that is a ripoff of NC's LotR movie trilogy parody. Yes, it's a GIF that has a transparent white backdrop, for some reason. :v

For any who wanna view the cringe that is Tygex World, you need only follow this link. It's still around, by some miracle of Tripod's free website making thingy.

"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irreedeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats

rmn2 front page back when balmung cycle was featured

I think I recognize that ice mountain screenshot. It's not mine, but I recognize it.


I couldn't find that one kickstarter for the game that ran away with your money (good job), but I did find this. Apparently it was a massive success?
The Helper Of The Cows
I found some old Photobucket pics of one of my first games. From 2007 or 2008... or something like that.

A lifetime ago it seems.
10-year-old meaka aspires to be Arteest (2000/2001, probably)

Meanwhile, I screencapped this for the "in the future" message but it accidentally wound up being a very good late 2000s time capsule for me...
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