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I won the RMN 2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Pool. Now I will never stop bragging about it.

Using Google My Maps ( ) create a map of places you have been.
(I tried to avoid places where I just drove through or visited the airport.)

My Map (Make sure others can view it in the options.)
Clicking on link doesn't work = copy and paste it into address bar.



I've been to the USA, Russia, France, and Italy. Hopefully, in the nearest future, I'll visit more countries:)
USA, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea,

Mexico is weird because I was a baby when I was there, but no one can stop me from counting it :V
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Off the top of my head, UK, USA, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Iran, Kenya, Egypt, Australia, Japan.

Most of these places I went to with family (dad's job meant he had to move around a lot).

The lady I'm dating is from Taiwan so I might be headed there with her in January if we're more serious at that point, fingers crossed...
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This is gonna sound cocky as hell but I don't actually remember most of them.

I guess Cyprus counts since I live here. Otherwise been to Turkey and England both multiple times. The rest I've only been to once, I'm fairly sure. I've also been to France and Spain. We went on a cruise ship once and it stopped at several countries but I only remember Italy and Greece, though I'm fairly sure there were more. My grandma also took me on a vacation somewhere in the mediterranean (surprise surprise it's another place in the mediterranean) when I graduated primary school but I don't even remember where it was.

Fingers crossed I'm moving to either Scotland or Netherlands in a year.
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So far, have only been in North America. That said, I've got a few locations I've been to outside of my home state of New York thus far, and have even been to Canada before. In order of most to least recent...

* Massachusetts, for a LARP event during a three-day weekend
* Pennsylvania, to buy fireworks for the 4th of July
* Ontario, to attend a field trip to a science museum during my school years
* Florida, on vacation at Orlando twice; been to Myrtle Beach and Universal Studios

I'm kiiiinda jealous of those who've been to Egypt and Greece. :v
Thailand, Phucket. It was an unbelievable time.
Japan, Finland, Taiwan, Macau, Jordan, Australia, UAE. Philippines too I guess since I've lived there before. Will be heading to Canada soon and hopefully gonna stop by Peru or do a roadtrip in US!

I'm also one of those weird HK-ers who's never been to Thailand/South Korea because all the Hong Kongers I know will at least go there (Japan included in the top 3 travel destinations for us) twice a year.


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The lady I'm dating is from Taiwan so I might be headed there with her in January if we're more serious at that point, fingers crossed...

Nani?? I want all the juicy details!! :3 OwO
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