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it's thursday again, meaning, we're playing some more Oracle of Tao! The last stream didn't quite match our expectations, so I guess, we'll play for about 2 more hours and in case it doesn't get better, we might switch so something else. I'd be still thankful for more suggestions for trash games.

Starting as usual 3 p.m. cest 6 a.m. pdt:
I've spoken to Jan, and he doesn't seem thrilled about continuing Oracle of Tao.

The bug in question was a parallel process event that somehow never Show Screen despite it being there. After about 30 minutes of work, I figured out why the hell it was doing this.

I will continue to play the game, and try to show a video. I will not talk, because I have no confidence in my speaking voice. I'm trans, and I was born male, so... no. In any case, since I playtested along with Jan, I'm roughly at the same spot, but with different levels and a bit (okay alot) more money.


Link to that here, since the rest might be more interested in Jan's videos.
So, highlight of our stream was definitely the game Paranormal by the german trash king Ankluas:

I translated it live, or at least tried to :D

And then we took on Gulpy Gulpy, which I'm not sure, whether I regret it:

We still need some good, ehm, bad material for next week. :)
You need more trash?

Here's one.


It's a terribad game about an alpaca eating a bunch of animals (because alpacas are carnivores) and then trying to make its way to a butcher shop to voluntarily be turned into sausage.
Okay, I'm kinda late today, but I'm trying to play another bulma game today. :D

Everyone help IndependentArt find more trash games, though! I'm almost out of games.

Also Gulpy Gulpy is something we should all aspire to. I wish my game could be that good.
Yea, please help me. :D
Gulpy Gulpy is acceptable meta trash. But I'm looking for the genuine trash, where the creator wants to make something really good and ends up making total crap, possibly without even noticing.

Here's bulmas next masterpiece:

Speaking of which, The Peach Was Not Enough, is an epic retelling of this story.


The battle system is much like Paranormal with only the screwdriver (I dunno how to do long range). What could go wrong?
Hey guys and gals,

it's thursday and that means we'll delve into some more RM2k3 crap.
We'll probably play bulmas "The peach was not enough" for a bit longer. Then we might have a look at her alpaca thing. And since I havn't found any other good trash games, this might be the end of our trash journey. :(
Meaning, if we don't find anything else, then I might start playing Golden Sun and turn the rpg maker stream into a general jrpg stream.

Starting in 2 hours:
Noooo~~~! I like your trash streams.

Maybe ask LockeZ (not so much trash games as troll games) or Milennin (FADE/BETA are at least kinda sketchy).

At the very least, you can probably get referred to crappy games (especially since Locke seems to like that stuff too).

Other than that. Try Sort: Buzz Score Reversed or Sort: Rating Reversed on the filter options. Doing that would probably give you the worst games.
I feel sorry for you guys in the english community. I'd strongly encourage you to learn proper german so you would be able to enjoy the trash diamonds that german trash masters have brought to life.

We are now playing Golden Sun on Thursday and we are not exactly hyped on it. You can keep track of the streams via Youtube too:
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