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If you want me dead, then kill me. If that gives us information, I'm all for it.

I'm just not sure how to go about doing this, so, um... I guess I'll wait and see what Atiya and Muffle end up saying. Right now I have a gut feeling that Demonlord is scum, but that's completely random and has nothing to back it up.

This is a town post from oddRABBIT.

For anyone who doubts that look at the games he's previously played.

I bring up the 4 scum again because it's something CapH suggested. Because, yeah, 4 out of 9 doesn't seem fair. But are we factoring in Merlin's ability into the number? Would it appear more balanced if there was more than 3? 3 sounds like the fairest number, personally.

It occurs to me that Merlin can't share that info without outing himself. We know which roles have what abilities. If Merlin were to immediately point out scum, they'd have absolute confirmation of who he is. It might be worth it for Merlin to reveal this info for the endgame since there might be a low enough number of players for it to become a numbers game, but that would only be if Lancelot was still in the game.

Because of this, the four scum setup still seems questionable to me.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Woah lots of pages. Tbh I totally forgot I signed up for this. Tbh I totally forgot this existed. I need to get back on RMN more, its 2017 all over again - not participating in events or forums and not making any games. Crap, where'd my 2018 vibe go? Maybe it burned away with the fire.

Err, um, well I read through everything while I was in the taxi omw to get my snake some food. I see I'm not the only one confused about the mechanics, I thought I didn't get it 'cause I'm stupid;; I was hesitant to join this game because when I read the rules it was like "uhhh" but it was Mafia and I figured maybe someone could help me out? Or I could just dumb it out and figure it out myself.

On to the game. The first team seems really good, in the past from what I've played with them they are top notch mafia players, which makes me just a bit suspicious of them making such a great team, but that's just a small thought in the back of my mind so I'm not going to really take much of that to account especially on the first day. Doesn't matter anyways since it's already went through but I thought I'd put my two sense in.

Are we supposed to lynch on day 1? Or is it all about the missions? Is the missions going to give us anything about players, I have no idea what their mechanic is for in the first place. If it gives us a hint then I'd prefer to not lynch to see what happens to avoid sacrificing a townie for no reason, as D1 usually has like a what - 90% chance of doing that? What stops scum from failing all the missions, that was also my very first thought. But I guess we'll just see. Doing this would prevent a 2 town kill by 2nd day if scum chooses to hit someone, and we'd have more information (probably?)

If anyone has any qualms I understand, I just would prefer to play it safe rather then hit and miss (which happens a lot and makes things tough ouch)

Woah! Sudden Muffle! Hi, Muffle!

The missions are supposed to be every single day phase. Also, you should be trying to lynch every single day.
Hi piano!!!

I guess, it depends if you want to play it safe. I played Mafia for 3 month straights in real life games and some of the games went better when we didn't Lynch the first day, that was the reason why I brought it up. Since we have no scum leads on first day, sometimes its better to wait till day 2 for more information instead of the high risk of killing off two townies by day 2. But I understand wanting to take the chance and possibly probe more information out of our Lyn h. Maybe we'll get a viable scum read by the end of the day but it's seems... Unlikely.

Also you uh. Didn't answer my questions. I guess maybe you don't know either? I know they're everyday I just am not sure of the point of them, do we get information from them? And if so that was the biggest reason I suggested a no Lynch. We'll get double information next day from both the mission and whoever is killed at night like - why would this person be killed, this role was in the game, blah blah blah. But it was just a thought of mine from past games.
re: scumcount: no way it's 9v4. Merlin's ability is nice, yeah, but Merlin is overall a liability. If Merlin outs themselves and gets killed, that's an automatic loss regardless of how many townies are left. So it really shouldn't go into scum count balancing too much. I'd guess 2-3 scum depending on if Mordred exists or not. Mordred would require 3.

@IF: Yeah. Everyone should want to go on a team. There's no scum- or town- read from that. Every team you go on is a team you have knowledge of one player's alignment (yourself) so it's more assured to succeed. The only time someone wouldn't care about improving the odds would be if they already knew what the result was going to be, because they already had perfect information. The ones with perfect information are scum.

@Odd: If you're town, it's your job to not get yourself daykilled.

@Muffle: What we want to do is assemble teams of people who are all town so that scum doesn't get a chance to sabotage missions. I'm questioning what would ever make scum /want/ to fail a mission but, yeah, the only qualification for teams should really be "is town." Check the rules stuff re: mission rewards but succeeding them means someone is revealed as "not mordred" which may or may not be useful but it does prevent scum from gaining information if the mission fails.

As for who to kill today, still can't really say anything especially if Ozzy's only posted once but then again it's d1 so going to be a crapshoot either way. I'd be down to kill IF for the reasons above about team composition and not putting himself on it. No other strong feelings.
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Ok, until now I wasn't able to read the mafia thread and oh boi is there a lot to read! Give me some time to read the 103+ new mafia posts.
Missed a page. @piano I'm pretty sure Odd has been suicidal every game regardless of alignment, especially that old cave + odd scumteam game with d1 bussing.

@Muffle: The reason to go for kills on d1 is that passing up a kill from town is like handing an extra nightkill to scum.
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I'm understanding it better now! But saying I didn't want to be a part of it is wrong as I was one of the first I said I would go. No one was proposing anything and didn't know I could propose myself. I just went with the three players that all suggested an rng method because I wanted to get things started.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
And hi, Muffle!

Can't wait to hear from everyone, I know it's a lot to catch up on. Most of it is trying to understand the rules and how things play out. The best you can do is at least try to stay up to date so you don't look like ODD lmao
Yeah I just didn't wanna risk 2 shotting since D1 lynch is almost always a townie kill, but it might be a better idea to risk the chance of being able to shoot scum? I fret to say I still don't understand. So we want a team of all towns, if there's scum in it then the mission will fail? And if the mission fails someone is revealed to be Not Merlin and if it succeeds vice versa with Morgan or whatever?.. Did I get that right <.> Also I did the same Ozzy XD I was like "woahh" I don't really have much input on anything else right now unless you want the dumb old "I got a feeling about this but it's just a hunch and it could literally be nothing." statement. Unless I see something off I'll probably just go with vast majority of the lynch vote.
Here's a breakdown on how teams work for ya muffle.

The only time a mission can fail is if scum decides to fail it. Since scum can choose between failure and success, a mission succeeding is not a clear indicator on who is town or who is scum.

If a mission succeeds then one player is revealed to be not mordred. This doesn't mean they aren't scum, it just means they aren't mordred. Mordred is also not guaranteed to be in the game so knowing a player isn't mordred isn't necessarily going to be useful info.

If a mission fails, then one player is revealed to be not merlin. This is a double edged sword for scum though as they reveal themselves as part of tat team.

I don't think we will get much info overall from the team mechanic, so it is still a good idea to lynch daily in an attempt to hit scum. Even if we miss we gain a lot of information.
Ohhh okay! I thought it was more useful, it's kind of useful? Interesting to say the least. Well I don't have much else to say for now, I guess I'll sit back and watch till I do. Thanks for putting it in dumb words demonlord.
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Ok, I'm caught up on most everything, will be giving some input of my own now.
I feel bored. How odd.
Why is this the one thing you decided to respond to?

It seemed the most important detail to me, but I do admit I was having trouble keeping track of thinks.

Odd avoided most of the thread and posted a comment about numbers and two defensive comments. Together, it might be just enough for me to put him in my wolf pile.

That's fair. While I don't want to die, I admit my lack of comments about other subjects was suspicious, and I too would be concerned with such behavior. But for the record, I don't remember defending myself in any of those comments.

Can't wait to hear from everyone, I know it's a lot to catch up on. Most of it is trying to understand the rules and how things play out. The best you can do is at least try to stay up to date so you don't look like ODD lmao


Oh, but in all seriousness, not only am I (as always) failing to do well in mafia, and missing and misunderstanding information, I am trying my best to succeed and be useful in this game. Currently I'm in the same state as Muffle, which is essentially the following.

I don't really have much input on anything else right now unless you want the dumb old "I got a feeling about this but it's just a hunch and it could literally be nothing." statement. Unless I see something off I'll probably just go with vast majority of the lynch vote.
I feel bored. How odd.
Well, I guess that was sort of a defensive comment, now that I think about it.
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Ok, on the entire 3 scums or 4 scums, I have a theory that might prove the number of scum being 3. I will assume Mordred is part of the game in this theory, so take that in mind for future analysis of this theory.

If there are 3 scum, there will be 1 Mordred and 2 Scum that aren't Oberon, I'm leaning towards an assassin and some other random role. If you factor in the team missions, this seems likely too, because the team, if it fails, will tell the scum which of the surviving people is not Merlin, which is incredibly useful because they don't need to waste a nightkill on said person. Lets go with the following assumption:
-Day 1 is a town lynch and the mission was failed.
-Scum will know if the lynch is town for obvious reasons.
-That means that if the lynch goes more or less their way, they will now have 7 possible Merlin targets because 1 town just died and one town was just ousted as not Merlin.

This means that their nightkill will reduce their list of potential Merlin targets to a whooping 6 players after Day 1 alone!

Of course, that is assuming that the person that is lynched is not the person that is revealed as not Merlin. That is also assuming they don't randomly hit Merlin with nightkill 1.
If there would be 4 scum, scum can bring down the number of possible Merlin targets down to only 5 within one day! Which is insane, hence why I lean towards there only being 3 scum.
Okay, all caught up, for the time of writing, lol.

Hmm. That'd make sense, but of course to lynch or no lynch, and who is the next item. Obviously, we need lynching to succeed so the question is who.

I don't have more than my gut-feeling to go by (so I appreciate that coming up as a good thing), and I have been a bit all over the place today, so it'll be tricky to use said gut feeling.
I had a bad feeling for the team, but I am not sure why, though I suspect demonlord - he simply might have a strange vibe though. Earlier they mentioned being able to reveal something the next day, which has me suspicious. Either they are one of the special role (like seeing Morgana and Merlin), or they are fooling us, and I am not sure what to make of the "i will tell you, but not now, but i will tell you i will tell you". And if they are.. how will that benefit anything? Or is it an observation of a thing we have no knowledge of?

The fake Merlin claim still rings a bit strange and I am not sure what to make of it. What does that say about them?

I am not too worried about Odd, because from what I have seen on Discord that is simply how he does things.
I do think it's worth considering the tactic of keeping people we trust into a team to see if the new addition works, and since scum has not yet had a chance to discuss with themselves, I think it'd be counter-productive to bring up this tactic in particular if he was scum (a team was already proposed right? and he would not know if those team members there would be safe or not for the scum cause). Only problem of course being that we have peeps capable of deceiving us, so that doesn't mean this strategy would work. I love piano, but that's also why I know he's a toughie, and IF too. Not worried, nor proposing lynching. Just not certain (such is the game): loving 'em means respecting 'em.

Also yeah! Nothing wrong with figuring it out along the way, right? I know I have spouted enough non-sense trying to make sense of it already.
I'm sure we will get the hang of it soon.
As an addition for the thingie, of course well ideally you'd ONLY send trusted peeps to get the revelations that way without endangering yourself O.O
But ugh... we don't even know if there's a Mordred and the info of a person not being Mordred (as in not the big boss) might not help us lynch directly. UGHHH.
Anyway. Just uh, I propose more scrutiny for myself. It's not as smart as I thought.
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.

psy_wombats, pianotm, demonlord5000 - proposed by InfectionFiles:

Accepted by: 7 - pianotm, InfectionFiles, demonlord5000, psy_wombats, Cap_H, Gourd_Clae, Yellow Magic
Denied by: None

Kylaila, InfectionFiles, AtiyaTheSeeker - proposed by Kylaila

Accepted by: 1 Cap_H
Denied by: None

Team psy_wombats, pianotm, demonlord5000 has been accepted.
Any scum among the team may now send in a #Succeed or #Fail vote via PM.


Current votecount as of 2019-05-20, 23:45 GMT+2:

PlatinumAshes: 1 - PlatinumAshes
Yellow Magic: 1 - Cap_H
Not voting: 11 - pianotm, AtiyaTheSeeker, OddRABBIT, OzzyTheOne, demonlord5000, psy_wombats, Yellow Magic, Muffle, Kylaila, InfectionFiles, Gourd_Clae

With 13 alive it takes 7 to lynch.


People who should post more: AtiyaTheSeeker


Day 1 will end 2019-05-22, 22:00 GMT+2, in 46 hours, 15 minutes, or when hammer falls.
Rereading Muffle's comment, it is a valid point, but the question is how much more we will know with each day (also without physical clues such as movement or rustling that you can have irl). How's your experience with that online?
I've never no lynched online I don't think, never thought of doing it before my irl games and this is the first mafia I've played since then. Just thought I'd bring it up but you are correct about the movements I got to remember to keep that in mind. Knowing the missions are as helpful as I thought they were I understand not wanting to no lynch, plus sometimes it can be risky.

Also Ky... Do you know how to play Mafia? Trust no one. I wouldn't specifically say put people in a team we trust due to that. This is Mafia. Just kind of struck me odd you said that. Last time I trusted someone in my first ever Mafia game Ozzy stabbed me in the back.

Also I'm very watchful of Odd considering his gameplay. Last time he barely posted at all to the point there was no way we could even think to suspect him. I dislike that, wish people would put a "gotta post so many times a day." But he's posting more than that time so I'm not too suspicious, especially since it's first day. Always find that behavior suspicious tho haha. Easy way to win..