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Hi. sorry if it's obvious, but let me explain my situatuion:
I am a newbie-developer, using RPG maker 2k3 (because I am poor, that's off-topic)
and on my fourth party member, Indee, he has a bat that is special to him. so I thought to compinsate for the fact he can't get a better weapon, he has a (small) chance of instantly killing an enemy (albeit giving them a turn to react), but the issue is, that now that I think I've made the State, it doesn't show up on the inflict tab in his weapons' page? This is the first effect I've made, so this is all new to me, is there something I am missing?
Add like 20 extra blank states to lengthen the scroll window. It's weird, you might have to hit down arrow to select the last one in some cases.
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