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I'm pretty sure I included a game installer with my game upload. My game has been approved, but the installer is not included. My game is currently incomplete, but about 85% done. At first, I thought "it's okay that the download is missing, this gives me time to enhance the game before anyone starts playing it. I can add the installer later." At any rate, as time goes by, my game will shift further down the list of "New Games," and lose visibility before anyone plays it.

I'd like feedback of whether it's preferred to post a game download while the game is in progress so people can try out the incomplete version, or if I should wait until it's complete. Do people mind playing incomplete games?

The current amount of quality gameplay is probably 12-20 hours before the towns and dungeons start getting janky / incomplete in what would be the final 2-5 hours of gameplay.
It'll show up in the 'Latest Downloads' if you make a substantial update (unless you are editing an existing download to apply patches or something). New and notable is just for newly posted gamepages but it's not the only thing that gets you front-page traffic.
Okay, first things first - how big is your game file? We allow files up to 450MB to be hosted via game page uploads. If your game is over that size you will need to remove unused assets or use another site (dropbox, meganz, etc)

If your game is below that amount, reupload and just leave the page alone until it redirects to another page - that's what it will do when it finishes.
Thank you for the input. I did the ol' reupload, and the installer appears to be associated with the game now.

As to the question about the installer size, it is 32 MB.

Stay thirsty, my friends.
Glad to hear it sorted itself! >.<)b
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