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Hey, everyone. I'm sure you remember me from about a decade ago. I've just been really busy with personal stuff, but I'm still proceeding forward with the project. Currently mapping out a huge, medieval-themed city (Regindo), and it's unfortunately still going to take a bit more time. It's a very meticulous effort, but I've got it down to a point where I can structure the buildings and complement their surroundings with neat architectures. The project is currently pending approval, so stay tuned.

What I like about making these RPGs is that anyone can open them (not all, but most) and study the code or method, hopefully improving their own works. I'm still steadfast in keeping Runic Cipher a freely available game, as I'm doing this stuff just for fun. My only regret is that personal setbacks since five years ago really screwed up with my productivity, but things are much better now. I'm a lot more realistic about what I want to achieve with this project. I'm still in touch with my writer, although he personally isn't a forum person.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Hey, I remember Runic Cipher! Welcome back!
Welcome back, I remember Runic Cipher very well. Looking forward to seeing it pop up again.
RMN sex symbol
I remember the name but I can't say I remember the game sadly. A+ for sticking with it all these years though.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Welcome back! :D
Thanks for the greetings, guys. Good to be back.

Sadly, I must admit that it's been months since I tried resubmitting my game (still "pending"). I made sure to add more details and give the staff what they wanted. Unfortunately, a lot has changed ever since I first submitted it here.

My plan is to issue updates to an offsite blog, although this community is an invaluable resource in terms of testers, feedback, and so on. Perhaps I'll start a thread and just take it from there. At this point, I just want to move forward with this project and get it done, after ten years of goofing around. I could've given up early on and just found something else entirely, but I'd rather see to it that all that time and effort didn't go to waste.

By the way, since I don't use Windows anymore (GNU/Linux FTW!), Wine has really improved to the point where I don't have to fight with (as much) bugs anymore, at least surface-level areas. That's another reason I'm still working on the project. I can also keep up with my writer by e-mail.

Just thought I'd let everyone know what's current.

I will be working on that aforementioned blog to get the ball rolling again. Once again, I can't thank you guys enough for still remembering this project. I'll see about sending some of you guys the pre-release beta (only once this chapter is complete, since this city I'm working on is a lot of stuff to work with, and in my very limited free time nowadays).
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