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i'm trying to make an event where a door can be entered multiple times. because i don't have an animated door sprite, i have the screen fade out, a key sound play, and the screen appear again in the room the door leads to. i've been having a few different problems getting it to work, though. either
1. the event doesn't repeat or it continuously repeats (i.e., if the character leaves the room she's immediately teleported back to it)
2. i can enter and exit the door with no trouble, but when i try to enter the door a second time it gets stuck on the first part of the event (the screen fading out)

here are what the events look like:

if you can tell me what i'm doing wrong lmk!
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One door on the same map? You have to have your sprite appear on the other side? Delete all this crap. No switches.

Set trigger to player touch.

Hide screen: Fade out.
Move Action: Through ON, 1 Step forward, 1 Step forward, (however many you need.), Through OFF.
Show screen: Fade in.

That's it. That's all you need.

EDIT: Through ON lets you move through solid objects. There's no need to use transfers for an interior door.
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How about just...

<>Fade Out
<>Play Sound: key
<>Teleport: 0017: pc room (010, 013), Retain Facing)
<>Wait: 0.5 Sec.
<>Fade In

...this, or something like that, as an "On Hero Touch" trigger? Like, I don't quite understand why you're using switches here?

*Edit: I wasn't quite sure if this event leaded to the same map in a different area, or used the map-transfer because it's going to an entirely different map. My assumption was that it needed the map-transfer.
oof, you're right, that was an easy fix. i was overcomplicating things for myself (i only started using rpg maker a few days ago lmao)
thank you!
The TM is for Totally Magical.
No problem!
The Switch event ON is what you're doing wrong.

When you enter and leave a screen, things tend to reset. Go inside, go back out, it should reset. UNLESS you have activated a switch. Switches tend to hold things still.

Do not ever split Hide Screen between pages. It doesn't work the way you think, it shuts on a switch for the next page, and then in dark you have to press action again on the event.

Also, let's assume you want a door to hang open. You'll find that are long as it's the same screen, you can perform this simply with the following, assuming Door event facing Down is closed and Door facing Up is open (you can edit the sprites to make sure of this, if it isn't). And no, you do not need Fade Out at all. On one of the tabs, there's a teleport options dropdown that allows you to change transition type. You can set it to default to fade in and then fade out.

Here's a bonus lesson, on making a passable one page door

Make a touch event.

<> If Door is facing Up
<> If Event Started By Action
<> Move Door, Facing Down
<> End Event Processing
Comment: Everything after this is if door is facing up but you touch
<> Teleport: same room, retain facing
<> Move Door, Facing Up
Comment: Remove the Move Door her, unless you find it trying to close
<> End Event Processing
<> If Door is Facing Down
<> If Event Started by Action
<> Move Door, Face Up
<> End Event Processing

Without any switches (you could use phasing for this, but I've occasionally had phasing hang on, causing slip through for everything) you now have a door that behaves like a door. Walk towards it, you pass through. Grab it, and you open or close.
If you want easy doors then do the following:
Set door graphic
When event is triggered use the erase event command for this event

Now the door will be gone until you leave the map and come back. You can also teleport the hero to the same map to cause the game to respawn the erased doors that way, if for some reason you want to respawn the doors. If you want to add a key requirement just add a condition to check for a key in your inventory before erasing the door. If you want door animations just use multiple event pages equal to door frames and set a variableA condition to each page. Next set variableA to 0, then add 1 to variableA for the first event page. Then have the following pages add 1 to variableA and add the erase event to the last event page. Make sure to add a wait event for each event page, adjust the wait timing to how fast you want the door to open/close. Now you can copy paste this event for as many doors as you want and you won't have to use more than one variable and that's only if you're using door animations.
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