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I know that this feature was recently added in the official version, but I'm about seven years too late into my work to be jumping ship now, so I'm stuck with RPG Advocate's RPG Tsukuru 2003. Is there any way to add this functionality of variable-determined picture ID/layer on the unofficial platform? I've been wishing for years that I could do this, and now that the official platform has this functionality, I know that it's at least possible. I would KILL for this function. Does anyone know of a patch or plugin anywhere that can make this happen? And if there isn't one, is there any way I could convince someone to make one?
I think there are several patches which are referred to as "PicPointer Patch", one for sure made available as a plugin under DynRPG, another as Cherry's PicPointer Patch iirc

although, unless you rely heavily on extra-official features, the move from unnofficial to official 2k3 is largely smooth sailing and the features are powerful and plenty -- especially with the extremely easy to use Maniacs patch which even bestows upon us an all-new and powerful Show String Picture which renders text as a picture (with or without a box behind) and accepts all text commands the show message command accepts.
DynParams can be used to apply variable values to any parameter of any command, including Show Picture.
@AubreyTheBard: Hey, thanks. This looks like it should do the trick. By the sounds of it, it would seem like I might also be able to use this to reference variables and switches in Conditional Branch commands by variable value too? Is that right? Something like, "if {switch with ID equal to value of (variable X)} is ON/OFF" or "if {variable with ID equal to value of (variable X)} is </=/>/whatever to Y"? That would be incredible if it can do that too. Either way, I'll definitely go through the documentation thoroughly, but if you tell me it can do that, I'll be quite psyched ahead of time. lol

@JosephSeraph: I do have a certain extent of reliance on extra-official features. I think I'm using something like five or six mods/patches/plugins/whatevers, and will probably be using one or two more eventually. But my goodness, the official RM2K3 really is shaping up to be an incredible platform that doesn't even NEED mods, eh? I'm really impressed by it. And I do OWN the legit version, so I don't feel so bad about using the pirated version all these years anymore. lol. I've been using 2k3 since pretty much day 1. In fact, I think since literal, actual day 1. xD
I imagine you've figured it out by now, but yes, those are exactly the sort of things DynParams can do. Any part of a command, even things like which mathematical operation you're performing, can be overridden with variable values. Just to get you started, in that second example you mentioned, supposing variable 10 has a number indicating which other variable you want to check, the code to accomplish that would look something like this:

Comment: @dynparams_add_param 2, V10

Comment: @dynparams_overwrite_next
Branch if Var [0001: ThisWillGetOverwritten] is V[0002] Equal
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