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I just posted my game last night and downloaded it onto my other PC. I use Venka's Bestiary Script. But when I use it on my gaming rig, it works fine though it crashes seldom after I exit the bestiary. But when I load it on my other PC, it loads it find and works really well, but as soon as I exit, it crashes. Here is what my script list looks like. It's likely a mess I'll bet.

FYI, I just moved the Bestiary to the very bottom to see if it'll do the trick. Trying it now. No dice sadly.
Interestingly enough, I started a fresh game and Bestiary loaded fine and I was able to exit it with no crash. Though the minute I defeated a Hornet, Bestiary loads fine, then try to exit... Crash.
Figured it out. Looks like all I had to do was install a script called, Graphical Object Global Reference. Worked like a charm.
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