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The name pretty much suggests it,if someone already made a topic like this,direct me to it.

Otherwise:2 years ago a friend of mine got RPGmaker2003.I got it,but stopped using it shortly.One day,I was going through files,and I saw RPGmaker.I started looking for game downloads,and there was RMN.

That's it.again:if someone already made a topic like this,direct me to it.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
You'. should :your punctu'tion,.

Also, #rm2k.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I just did a random search for "RPGMaker hosting", and now I'm glad I did.
Harmonic sent me links to topics here a while ago, so when I wanted to get back at RM stuff and couldn´t post at GW, I searched for RMN :P
I was googling for a good rpg site and found this. Little did i know that my life was going to change forever.
Your mom is a hero
#rm2k, I think.

It was so long ago I can barely remember.
#rm2k, WIP.

I've been pretty aware of this site before it even came out.
You know,I never thought I'd get this many replies in one tread. ;D

author=TwomRPG link=topic=2498.msg45779#msg45779 date=1227122555
You know,I never thought I'd get this many replies in one tread. ;D

It's cuz you finally made an interesting topic
I went out for drinks one night, and after taking a lot of shots of vodka straight to the head, I woke up next to RMN naked and confused in my bed unsure how I got there. RMN really had nowhere to go because apparently RMN didn't come with any friends to the bar, so I felt sorry and let RMN stay with me as long as I got bacon for breakfast every morning.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Been an associate of #rm2k for quite a few years, debated coming here for the last two years since leaving GW, and finally did this fall.
The other RM forum I was on died, so I came here.
Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.
An angel came to me in a dream and told me to buy
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
That's funny, Holb. I could have sworn that WIP told me's origins were told on some gold plates.
Well, I had recently discovered the joys of RM after my brothers had challenged me to a game-making contest and showed me how to use it. After that fell through because my brothers are too lazy to finish their projects, I decided to check out what other people were making to gauge the overall quality and feel of established RM-made games to see what kind of games I'd be having to set my standards to. I went around looking for RM games on while it still worked, and this was the first forum I came upon with a gamelist, I joined and have been here ever since.

I searched for tools to make my own game and found a list of homepages. One said ", numerous RPGmaker, including rm2k" or something like that. So I went there and downloaded the first RPGmaker on the page. Which was Acid something (since it was listed alphabetically).

I didn't get it at all (it was in early alpha, like all rpgmakers are/were).

But I went back to the page, got myself the translated rm2k, joined the forums. Browsed around, had fun and then suddenly the page only had a forum. Then after a while nothing was left.

I rejoined some time ago when I thought "Hell. I suppose I'll have to join"

I just checked internet archive's wayback machine and it was called Acid Pulse.
Gaming World. I didn't like the community there so I was looking for alternatives and this site was (and still is) great!
Asa told me one morning about how he was up looking for RPGM games and found this site. So I decided to leap on - and while I'm nowhere near as active as he is, I still like to check and post a few times when I get the chance.

I wish my brother was still into RPGMing, because he was my partner in crime in development and his humor is like blending Asa's with mine into a very fine mixture.
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