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Just wondering cause it became... kind of a world-level pandemic. So in my country, Chile, there are 201 cases as of yesterday. School and university classes were suspended, masks and objects for personal cleansing were all sold, and our borders are closed. People is worried and anxious- but we still have time. Luckily our hospitals and medical services are not yet overloaded with patients.

How is your situation?
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Taiwan has been taking it vert seriously. Everyone is wearing masks (people usually wear these in Taiwan if they are sick, so it's not that out of place.)

Teachers and students are required to wear masks in schools by government regulation during this time.

77 is the most recent count of people with the virus here.
Hey! Here in italy there is a lockdown so every activity/shop/factory except "essential services" is closed. You can only go out to buy food or other essential provisions. Unfortunately (or luckily, since I cannot bear staying at home for too long) I work in one of these essential services (logistics and mechanical services) so I am one of the few that still has to work outside.

Besides the number of infects (one is also a friend of mine but he's well despite that, even if quarantined of course) what worries me is the impact on people's because I see increasing aggressive behaviours. I hope this is just a temporary effect...
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I'm in the US, which... a lot of the response varies by state, mainly because the overall government is trying as hard as it can to pretend there isn't a problem. :/ (So is my state government which is... not ideal.)

People here have generally been trying to maintain the suggested "shelter in place" stuff, but I see a lot of people out and about and not taking it very seriously as well. I'm stuck at home because my work is closed for a couple of weeks for it, and I'm kind of avoiding the news, so I don't know how bad things are in specific.
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I also live in the US. My particular state has enforced a State of Emergency, where only essential businesses are supposed to be open. To the best of my knowledge, this status will last until April 1st, unless there is another statement updating the time period. Though, I feel like if there would be another statement issued, it would be to extend the period, rather than shorten it.

For what it's worth, I pretty much just came back from grocery shopping with mom. The store was pretty busy for only 9:00 in the morning. Also, the comic shop my one brother works at has been effectively closed until April 1st. Like, only the Store Manager is allowed to even take hours, from my understanding of that situation. I don't know what the status is of my other brother, or what the status is of the state he's in.
I live in the middle of nowhere Canada, so so far things have been slowly creeping up. We have like 8 cases? My province has closed all schools and libraries and city hall etc... A state of emergency has not been called yet, but Saskatchewan just tries its best to copy Alberta, so I'm sure it's coming. Our Premier is a reactionary conservative douchenozzle, so naturally there is more confusion than needs to be.

I am still at work, but my wife was told to stay home, so she is home with the kiddos. Luckily they are young enough that missing a couple of months of school won't really impact them negatively (should it come to that). Still, it is anxiety inducing.

We are testing remote work connections this week. I am lucky in that my job (IT) can be done remotely - so I shouldn't be impacted. My sister is an elementary school teacher - so who knows what is in store for her, and my older brother teaches art classes and is basically out of work right now, and my younger brother works at an event multiplex.... which currently has no events (of course) so he isn't working either.

I work at an insurance place so work is likely about to get very busy? It's hard to say.

Everyone take care, and let me know if you're okay.
Here, in British Colombia, Canada, we have around 183 cases reported thus far and around 9 deaths, I think...??? Either way, it’s like we’re neck-and-neck with the province of Ontario right now in terms of who has the most case of the Corona’s in Canada. (Not that I would like us to win that particular race, lol, or anything).

Yeah, so far in regards to my overall situation, everything is about the same for me besides less traffic on the roads and a lot less people going outside when going for a walk or to try and play basketball in the park. The grocery stores around my area are relativity well-stocked - amazingly (except for finding items like toilet paper, coffee, bread and pasta, as most of you can contest to, are a bit difficult to find right now on the shelves, but not downright impossible) - and I’m relativity stocked up, so I got enough food to last me for around 2 weeks if I really have to hunker down. Nobody that I know of is infected. And I can still work at home and collect that paycheck. So, everything is, actually, all pretty good!

Really, the only thing that the Coronovirus has affected me thus far at all is that my precious National Hockey League has been suspended indefinitely (and will probably end up getting fully cancelled soon along with the NBA and other sports leagues) and the Canucks were SOOOOO close to making it to the playoffs for the first time in five years but then THIS had to happen and ruin all of the fun…! (This is all Loui Eriksson’s fault, him and that 6 million dollar contract of his! *just kidding, Loui*)

I’m trying to be optimistic and hope that the number of cases will either go down significantly in a few weeks, we’ll find a vaccine, or a large number of people who have the virus will fully recover and everything can go back to normal soon. This is definitely something that I never expected would get this bad, but we’ve been through worse before with things like the Spanish Flu and the Black Plague in the past, so this is nothing! Just have to keep calm and hope for the best.

(Oh, and also like Sooz, I'm also doing my best to avoid all of the news as best as possible, as it's nothing but "Corona-this and Corona-that". Well, how 'bout "Corona-shove-it-up-your-butt-with-a-hint-of-lime," thank you!)
Maybe there will also be a tick epidemic, so you can have your corona virus with lyme

Also a first round series of Oilers vs Flames was a real possibility! How epic would that have been?
I live on the east coast of Canada (NS), not a very dense population but some cases have popped up (about 6). Lot of stores are closing and food places are doing delivery only. Buses are now free but if there are no seats left people are advised to wait for the next bus (would think distant seating and standing would be better). Grocery store and the usual Shoppers are still open so getting supplies is still easy. My sister works at a grocery store and is not dealing with the panic very well though.

I'm pretty optimistic, I mean my province is only doing well due to the location/population factors probably more than anything. But there's been a head-start on procedures so hopefully this will blow over eventually. Though the global exponential growth doesn't look like it's gonna stop for awhile.
I live in Sweden , and "we" really don`t know here(because of the way Sweden has handle this so far, unfortunately) but they say: near 1300 cases( some too near me...)and 10 has died so far. It`s only to hope that people takes responsibility for all other people,and takes it very seriously.
A lot of places are closed, and now the higher grades of school is gonna close and work from distance. They maybe put Stockholm in quarantine.
It`s many things that gonna happen here in Sweden, i only hope that`s not to late.
But i`m pretty optimistic.
Germany here. It's been a slow start, but at least for my state now bigger regulations are in place, the university + uni library is shut down for the foreseeable future (which is great when a prof reminded you just the other day that you forgot to pick up some needed signatures. Oops! Well. Switching to email). If it wasn't for ruling from higher up, university would have tried to keep doing business as usual (they actually made a bold statement with that, and had to rectify that soon after).
For the whole of Germany, people have been advised to stockpile for a good two weeks in case of a large-quarantine.

Some say tere's a bit of an over-reaction on the city's part in shutting down most anything after being slow to react, but mostly it seems to be reasonable. The town has a handful of confirmed cases now, none at university so far, and apparently testing and stuff is now set up too, though some criticized if it was thorough enough up until now (that was before the state-wise announcement/ruling tho).

Schools already were closed before, and more and more shops will probably close down and general guidelines have been given (such as avoiding the usual crowded spaces etc.)
Work has responded very respectfully for me, and re-organized schedules to have no people sharing office space whenever possible and to disinfect regularly (we have suspenders there, and always had). So far postage seems to still be in place (might change), most shops were open until recently (with some voluntary closures) - I take it many more will be closed now. Buses now have separation inside so you do not have contact with the bus driver (means they can't check tickets, so free bus rides for those who do not have any). No panic here so far, anyhow, though it's clearly in everybody's mouth.

Supermarkets can visibly have some goods sold out (canned stuff, the good packaged milk, toilet paper - or well, the cheapest kind of toilet paper haha), though it's usually not clean empty. Depends on which supermarket and where and when though.

A roomie had to fly back because he was from another country that's closing down (which is kinda ironic), otherwise I am just staying in.

Meanwhile tho, a Japanese friend who'd just flown in (and bestie) visited me and it makes me wanna stay in even more until I know I am staying healthy. I feel that's a bit of an oof. But I also didn't want to miss the chance (no distancing there orz, and I feel bad.) - anyhow, because of this, I declined to take shifts at work, just in case, and keep stuff to minimum. Aka groceries and home life is where it's at atm (it's a relatively rural area tho, so lotsa park and forest space too, so you still see some people passing by).
The remaining roomies at home seem to be doing the same, as are most people.

University keeps updating us on the situation, too, and recently emails went out to organize online groups for the freshly arrived exchange students (to have some contacts here), teachers offering skype etc. office hours and such.
Well, suppression tactics we see enacted across world governments so far is p.much the only way our epidemic models come out with good scenarios, according to this guy:

If we don't see a catastrophic spike in infections, it is likely because suppression is working, not because we are overreacting. Also, this could be a strategy that lasts 18 months... yikes.

This is serious.

so i'll make a joke.

In Finland, they were total to be 2 meters apart from anyone else, and the Finnish were wondering "why would we want to stand closer to each other during a pandemic?!"
people in brazil are doing this
Canada, Calgary, Alberta here!

We have had 20+ cases so far.

I'm one of the few lucky pricks who have to still work amid the suspension of stores, restaurants, gatherings, etc. The joys of working at the Real Canadian Superstore. = v =;;;;

But the demand of customers is getting incredibly ridiculous. We can't keep up, at this point, it'd be wiser to close down the grocery stores during the weekends just so we can re-stock everything to full, cause with the way everything else is right now, we're not going to HAVE grocery stores at this rate.

Addit covered the British Columbia, Canada situation fairly aptly, with the slight difference being that he's an east-coast city slicker whereas I'm in the interior Okanagan.

According to the grocers I chat up, people are stockpiling calmly. The stores are obviously busier than normal, but people are respectful and not prone to mad rushes and violence like we've seen elsewhere. The toilet paper and hand sanitizer shelves went empty awhile ago, but surprisingly, the canned soup only started to draw down this week.
Of course, this calm is probably because we have a lot of farmers and hunters in the community, and they're generally stocked for a few weeks anyway.

Anyhoo, if I get told to stay home, I have enough food for 4-6 weeks. I'm more worried about coworkers being without work, should my plant decide to shutter for awhile. I have savings, but a lot of them are paycheck-to-paycheck.
Not to mention narrow-margin small businesses. I think this whole thing is going to decimate Retail.

I'm still waiting to see what governments in general do about mass quarantine layoffs and lost wages. Trudeau will undoubtedly copy whatever real leaders do, so the ball's in some other country's court.
I'm in the outskirts of New York City, and everything is edging towards lockdown. Wishing people had acted faster! The only way to defeat a virus is to starve it of new ways to replicate... especially one like this, with its unprecedented incubation period for a contagious disease. The cold and flu manifest within 1-3 days, but this one takes up to 14 days. Can you even remember what you did 14 days ago? It's also most contagious in the first phase of illness, even before symptoms develop.

It's almost like a perfect storm of virus evolution perks:

1. Long, undetectable incubation period, with active contagion during it
2. Not too fatal (If your host dies too fast you can't spread yourself)
3. Long survival on hard surfaces, and semi-airborne (Can be present in larger microdroplets of cough/sneeze/mouth aerosol vapor, which can hover for up to three hours.)
4. Yet-unproven suspicion that ibuprofen and aspirin increase its activity, due to them increasing the number of ACE2 receptors on the surfaces of cells, which the virus uses to gain entry

It's not quite the plague, because we have better communication technology now, and, well, science. But our response has been woefully skewed towards "let's see how much we can get away with."

I work at a grocery store, so I'm not left wanting for work (or exposure...).

The government is handing out a $750 low income package for people with pension cards and low income to stock up on food and supplies so they can hunker down. We've not closed much down, yet, but events and gatherings of over 500 people are closed indefinitely until shit passes.

There's been some panicked shopping, but places are now putting their foot down and only allowing people to buy limited amounts of stuff at a time.

So far we've had 454 cases and 5 deaths. Most of the deaths are from elderly people. We've closed our borders to visitors from other countries as much as possible, only intaking Australian citizens (and even then, they have to wait in quarantine before they can be returned to their families).

Self-isolation, social distancing and good hygiene are being touted as the way to deal with this and people seem to be taking it to heart in the bigger cities, though where I am, out in the rural areas, you still see people around now and then. Most businesses are still open, at least for now. Same with schools, though the holidays are coming up so they might not reopen afterwards, depending on how things go.

There's been an influx of people 'camping' who go from small town to small town, buying out the markets of stuff. A few of the store owners hereabouts have stopped selling to people who are clearly out-of-towners due to that.

As it currently stands, I don't know anyone with the virus itself, tho my family currently has the flu (including myself, yay... and don't worry, it's the flu for sure).

Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.

Our president has declared no relief packages will be provided by the government, with the same kind of scoffing expression someone would use to disregard someone who claims sea water is made of blueberry juice.

Our president takes every chance he gets to divert the topic of coronavirus to his "raffle" of the "presidential plane", an "event" which is so far the very definitive emblem of our third world status, as agreed upon by every single citizen of the country.

Schools were closed out for an entire month. The populace reaction? Let's ALL go to the BEACH to LIVE IT LARGE. No effort on the guv'nas part to stop the perception of a "month long holiday". No efforts to restrict movement. No efforts to stop foreigners coming in. No efforts.

No panic buying in this specific city at all. Our people firmly believe it's played out as too serious a disease. My family has not stocked up either, and I cannot do it myself for my incoming payments are currently frozen thanks to the coronavirus.

All in all, it's *still* jokes and memes over here because the body piles haven't reached even 1/3 of the height of our daily piles of dead women. I expect this to change *very* soon. Honk Honk! :0)
Oop! Mexico sounds just like Brazil! 'xcept people ARE stockpiling toilet paper for ???whatever??? reason (read: they read people are doing it so they feel like they should do it too)

I haven't seen any special government measure yet other than ordering things to close down and etc. No relief funds, no assurance of salary, etc, here in my state of São Paulo is where the contagion is at its worst ("just" 300 people, though), yet families have read the days off of school as an opportunity to storm my city of Santos* and suntan. So, yay, my town is suddenly an out-of-season tourist hotspot in the middle of a pandemic! With the added bonus of pro-bolsonaro supporters (including a lot of elderly people, as well as children of supporters) organizing rallies for WHATEVER reason like in the picture I've sent previously. It's pretty absurdist. For me, nothing's changed much. The BRL as a currency has somehow plummeted and it was the worst hit currency in the pandemic.

Also mom has no clients anymore, of course, so I"m trying to feed everyone at home and keep us afloat but i'm shit at that. At least the dollar is worth 20% (TWENTY PERCENT) more BRL than it was a few months ago.

*fun fact: Santos is the southern hemisphere's biggest port.
A lazy teenager's spirit in a mid 20 adult's body
Wow everyone, thank you really, I'm surprised to get so many replies in like twelve hours. But at the same time makes me sad that such a globalised virus made it possible, this is complicated.

I see that for the most part either national, community or personal measures were taken, that's a great thing to know.

About what kentona said, daaaaaamn that thread makes too much sense! Getting a vaccine will indeed take several months as to be reeeally sure it works. And so many things can go wrong in that time.

Joseph and mirak, wtf dudes, really your people are behaving like that even now? As a fellow south american/Hispanic or whatever, I wish you the best. Plz don't die :(

PD: cannot quote since my skills for replying from a cellphone are not high enough
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