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So I recently tried to download and play Dreaming Mary (my OS is Windows 10) but I've ran into a bug with the action/Z button that makes the game basically unplayable. For the most part I'm able to use the action button just fine, but for some reason, I'm unable to 1) talk to Bunnilda and 2) open any of the other doors in the hallway. When I try to open the other doors, I just get the initial messages of the noises Mary hears behind the door over and over. When I try and talk to Bunnilda, I don't get a prompt at all.

I know it's not my keyboard because it works just fine. It seems that there's something wrong with the script where it doesn't recognize an event path or something. I tried messaging the creator but I'm not even sure if they post here on the site anymore and I have no other way to contact them. Anybody else experiencing the same problem?
Okay, so I found out it wasn't a bug. Turns out you have to be facing a certain direction right next to the characters in order to talk to them.

Well THAT'S not confusing and frustrating game design. At all.

Still a great game though.
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