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Hello world!

I would like to offer you the chance to have high quality writing for your games. Whether you need character bio's, world design, scenarios, dialogue, or just plain ol' filler.

Check out my prices:

Writing Services:

*Game Design Document: $50

Character Biography: $5 per page

Dialogue: $10 per page.

Scenario: $10 per page.

Fictional Mythology:
$10 for up to five dieties (1-2 pages) and another $2 for every extra diety.
$10 to write up a cult (1-2 pages)

Further, I am fairly brilliant at RPG Maker eventing. Whether you need scenes, puzzles, or systems (even systems that probably should be scripted instead), I can bring them to you and expand the limits of your game in ways you might not be able to imagine.

Check out my prices:

Eventing Services:

$10 base price per event-ed scene or task.

$20 base price per event-ed puzzle.

I can also work with RM95, RM2k, and RM2K3.

*A game design document is the foundational blue-print to building a game. The

larger the scope of the game, the larger the the design document may need to be.

It is a basic package that comes with basic character outlines, a scenario, a context for that scenario, and the world in which the context occurs for the scenario, as well as feature ideas. The price listed is for 5 pages. Every additional page is $5. Full character biographies have to be purchased seperately. Give me your notes and ideas and I will organize them into a design document or I can come up with everything myself. The game design document will not include pictures unless pictures are given to me and the space taken by pictures will not count towards pricing.

You may check out my games for a portfolio.

More recently, however, I have completed an undergraduate specialization in Game Design from CALART. I will deliver you quality.

I can also work with RM95, RM2k, and RM2K3, however, these have shortcomings, so I would charge a little extra for eventing.

All prices are subject to negotiation or barter. All payments must be paid in half up front.
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