that's not how parity cop usually works. In an open/semi-open 11 er doctor and coroner are enough on their own to counter balance janitor. 11ers are difficult to properly balanced as usual setups are 9ers for 2 wolves and 13ers for 3.

Some general balancing advice:
a) With eleven players you can play mountainous (no special powers) and that's a completely balanced setup you can always start before adding more roles.
b) Don't give town too many roles in an open setup. Parity cop is a weaker version of alignment cop usually. At MU it starts with one player on n0 and you can check another one n1 to find out if they have the same alignment. On n2, you're comparing alignments of your n1 peek with your n2 peek. As usual rb is an ideal role to counter balance parity cop with. You could use godfather too.
c)I would recommend giving scum janitor over coroner/strongman and remove death miller. Town could have a coroner.
d)Like using parity cop against janitor with no other roles could be interesting on its own and probably lead to some interesting situations. It basically starts as flipless and if both of them die, you still have a solid balanced game of mafia.

So, my suggestions for improving this setup would be:
1 town parity cop (one scan/night)
8 vanillagers
1 mafia janitor
1 mafia goon

or for less tin foil

1 town parity cop (one scan/night)
1 town coroner

7 vanillagers
1 mafia janitor
1 mafia roleblocker
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I really didn't know what I was doing, I knew that there was no chance for me to win so I tried something crazy. Was a neat game, but yeah, the parity cop was very strong. ^_^;
Yeah, things were pretty unbalanced (though I'm not sure we would've won without the nolynch strategy) but it was still fun and I'm up for any future Mafia games.
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Welp, Odd is hosting a game in this here thread:
OrudoPatto, kisama!
Sorry if I wasn't that much active this time around. Lots of stuff began to pile up and I got lost in them. I don't think I'll join another Mafia anytime soon (but I'll most certainly will eventually)!

Also yeah, lol, this one went by kinda fast.