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There's been a change to the current RMN Donation account - it's been updated to a new account for better access and usage.

This means that the old account is defunct and if you have a recurring donation that goes through you'll need to update it to the new one. Easily done, though!

The new account is linked to our Donate links, so just throw your deets that way and it should all be fine.

Thanks for all the support you guys send, it's super appreciated, no matter if it's a one-off donation or a continuous one. We love ya'll~<3
would it be possible for rmn to have a patreon?
Also, this is a good reminder to renew my subscription.
Yeah, I mean, this is something I ought to have done like 9 years ago. Instead, we just piggy backed off of rcholbert's Paypal account that he created for RMN all this time. The reason why we couldn't just do an ownership change of that account is.... I'm Canadian (serious). We couldn't transfer a US-based business paypal account to Canada.

So what we (finally) did was I created a new account registered under my business (which is just a boring ol' sole proprietorship, which is why the business is just my name) and closed/deactivated the old Paypal.

Of course, that meant that all existing subscriptions/recurring donations had to be cancelled, too.

This does make it easier for me to manage, now, though as I consolidate my power and lordship over all of RMN.

I am sorry for the hassle, though!
BTW, while I'm in a pretty bad financial situation rn (a lot of ppl probably are) if RMN ever needs it, I'd be happy to contribute to an RMN itch bundle where proceeds go to paying server feeds :)
Don't worry peeps - if RMN ever needs it, I got it covered.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Thanks for all the work you put into keeping RMN running, kentona and Liberty! I should probably fork over some funds again, it's been years.
This does make it easier for me to manage, now, though as I consolidate my power and lordship over all of RMN.

Am I blue demon or PS5? Not sure. Kentona is the senate, tho.
Oh no, not the Hall of Death again! The only way out of here is death!
You're the red hood.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Unlimited Power!!
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