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Many games that I have played on rpgmaker.net show a character approaching an npc, king, etc. and the main character stops and the party members flank out to the sides and then rejoin after the dialogue or event has finished.
Is this an event chain of some sort or, is it a scripting procedure?
Thank you.
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If the party is usually represented by just the lead actor, I feel the answer is more likely to involve event-commands and probably some game-switch shenanigans to "hide" the events that represent the other party members until needed. If the party has a caterpillar effect, I feel it could be done with scripts. I would probably have to refer to the functions of Game_Follower (I think?) to see what normally happens, or generally what's all available.
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if you used some fancy moveset scripting, you could certainly make that occur with your Followers. but, if you're asking, i'm gonna say you should probably do the older event trick: in cutscenes, hide the actors elsewhere on the map (or just turn them invis) and move dummy events in place to do exactly what you want. take a look at the interals of https://rpgmaker.net/games/11452/ to see how it works
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Here's a script that can pull it off, by Hime. It's not 100% foolproof but it generally gets the job done, and can fan out characters like you mentioned just fine.

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Ummm.... The easiest way to to that is to just place a character sprite that is the same as the person in your party on the map during the event. There's no need to make any changes to your party at all.
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