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Hey look, an elusive topic from the elusive demon!

I'm not sure if anyone here has found this yet (I just found this myself today), and figured I'd share. For anyone who gave up on getting a new suikoden, it looks like we may get one after all! The creator of the original suikoden games is now part of a new studio and hard at work on a new suikoden style game for us. He can't use the suikoden name (thanks a lot nintendo), so he is creating it under a new name. There's a few links out there, but I'm going to post the kickstarter link so you can look at the goals, and just how much has been funded already.

It's "Thanks a lot Konami"

Also... it isn't just the original creator, but a bunch of the people that worked on several of the Suikoden games!

It's awesome. I backed it on day 1. I highly suggest if you are interested in Suikoden that you back it!
True. I completely forgot it was konami that made suikoden. It's been a while since I actually looked and I should have checked before I made the post.

I was amazed when I found that and I was spreading the word to some of my friends. I also knew there were suikoden fans on here so I posted it in case anyone hadn't found it.

I'm definitely interested in backing it, but I've only only recently got an actual good job about 2 months ago, and I still have some things I need to take care of. Will definitely toss some money when I can though.
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I think I saw a post by Liberty talking about a Kickstarter, and mentioned Suikoden. She was probably talking about this? I think it's safe to say that I have a high regard for the series, having posted LPs of the entire main-line series on this very site, not to mention my own little tribute to the series.

I've given the page a quick look-see, and I didn't quite catch the system specs for the PC (Steam?) release. That would probably be the only platform I would get this on. Still, I've never funded a Kickstarter before.
Figured I'd bump this. For anyone who hasn't been following the kicstarter, they have reached all of their stretch goals, and it also the 3rd most funded kickstarter game. All of the stretch goals that they hit sound amazing too.
I backed this~ Getting the collector cards and bonus game with my digital copy. X3

Well worth it and I'm super excited about it!!!
I backed this as well, but I’m terrified it’s going to turn out to be another mighty number 9 or shenmue 3. I have high hopes though, because it looks really good.
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