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Which default tracks included with each version of RPG Maker are your favorite?

Here's mine:

RPG Maker MV

Battle 6
Town 1
Theme 3
Town 3

RPG Maker MZ

Battle 4
Town 4
Castle 2
Theme 3
Theme 4
Probably XPs, even though everything else is kaka.

VX has best RTP artstyle for enemies/player characters.
I liked XP and Ace's RTP. Ace was cool and upbeat and XP sounded great and complete, but there's only one champ of RTP music:

"My father told me this would happen."
Battle8 from Ace: Dial the pitch down to 80% and you got a sweet jam.

Same with Theme5, but you want 85% for that one.

Battle1 also leagues better around 90 or 85.

What I'm saying is that most of these songs are in the wrong tempo.
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Beat me to it.
Guardian of the Description Thread

Oh, yeah, I don't think a thread like this would be complete without a mention of Animal.mid!

But, like, I have a certain nostalgia for a number of XP tracks, too. Such as FinalBoss3...

...and Town6.

Though, I seem to recall playing... I think it was Boutalles, and getting a real kick out of Field2...

...and I might not have known it was RTP at the time either!
Favorites from each:

Battle 3
Village 3
Field 4

Far Eastern Land
Ice Labyrinth
Repeated Wars

Battle 1
Battle 2
Boss 1
Field 1
Dungeon 1

This one was the weakest imo... the Ship theme maybe?

Battle 2
Battle 3
Dungeon 2
Dungeon 7
Field 2
Scene 2
Town 3

Basically any of the 2k3 remixes I listed above that also appeared here.

Battle 4
Battle 6
Battle 7
Dungeon 7
Theme 2
Town 3

Once again, basically any of the MV remixes I listed above that also appeared here. I also like the MV remix of Town 2 a lot.

Battle 2

Though to be honest, the MZ remixes that came in the DLC folder greatly overshadow the default versions, IMO. In which case the remixes for Dungeon 6 and Battle 8 are amazing.
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Liberty? GreatRedSpirit? Both of you: damn straight. \m/

Grabbed the RTPs I don't have, just to offer my thoughts. I never fussed with MV's default music (outside of the RM2k/3 DLCs). Will include why I like each song, giving the feel the melody gives me. Get comfy, it's a long list...

Probably the most iconic tunes for RM, if you ask me.
* All of them: Because duhhhh
* Animal: Yes, I unironically like this track. It's whimsical, and could work well for a talking animal buddy.
* Battle 1: I'd used this for a totally-not-Avalanche faction in my first game, as their HQ's theme song. Is a nice beat even outside of battle.
* Dungeon 4: Natural yet mysterious, and #2 in my top five for 2k/3 music. Would work perfect for a waterfall cave or sunken ruins.
* Fairy 2: My goodness, it's so soft and sweet. Maybe a bit sorrowful? Perfect for innocent love, childhood memories, etc. Easily #3 of my top five 2k/3 BGM. ;-;
* Field 4: My #1 of 2k/3 tunes. Sounds like an shounen theme song. The last bits of the tune really give a "winding roads" feel to an adventure before you.
* Game Over 2: Really gives a defeated feeling to losing a fight. Downright funereal, while also giving the sting of failure.
* Mystery 2: lawl, Uematsu plagiarism
* Mystery 3: Would easily fit a snow-capped mountain as well as ruins of the ancients. Breathtaking. Majestic. #4 of my top five favorite 2k/3 songs.

Haven't heard many, but here's what I like.
* Adventurers: Jolly, whimsical tune of going on an adventure with your buddies! Great for a lighthearted game, or an opening act before things get serious.
* Fierce-battle: Could've sworn it's also called "Maximum Battle"? Either way, a great boss theme for something more heroic and epic.
* Icecave: Not sure if the name's right? But works well for something heavenly, or even the default name of a beautiful ice cave. Maybe a frozen castle?
* Tavern: Well-named! Very cozy and cosmopolitan. #5 of my top five 2k/3 songs.

XP has amazing BGM, 'nuff said.
* Battle 2: Honestly, one of my all-time favorite RPG Maker battle tunes. Kinda reminds me of the battle theme from Dark Cloud 2 / Dark Chronicle. Courageous and fantastical!
* Boss 2: Similar to a Dragon Quest 4 boss theme, maybe? Perfect for a tense fight with a real juggernaut... or with a true terror to behold.
* Defeat 2: For a short game over fanfare, probably my favorite from RPG Maker.
* Field 3: Pretty tame for overworld tunes, but it'd work well for a peaceful town as well. Maybe something coastal?
* Heaven: Captures that gentle heavenly feel perfectly. Maybe even works for a pure temple of the faith.
* Last Boss 1: Climactic buildup for the intro, fantastic for a demon lord or a fell god.
* Slow 5: Really good flow of the back instrumentals. Not sure what that kind of rhythm is called, but it's gorgeous. Very wistful, good for a cutscene of self-doubt or lost innocence.
* Theme 2: Not sure if it'd be something I'd use, but good for a legend or a halcyon adventure. Maybe even for a backstory game?
* Theme 3: One of my all-time favorite RPG Maker title themes. Befits a heroic tale, and one where fledgling adventurers grow into true champions.
* Theme 4: A reprise of "Theme 3", it'd be perfect for a heart-string-tugging cutscene if Theme 3 is used for the game's title screen!
* Town 3: Perfect for a starting town, especially a hometown. Such a calm and innocent melody ♪
* Town 6: Has a rather rustic and ethnic feel, bustling and lively! Reminds me of something out of FF: Crystal Chronicles. Lovely stuff!

I like more of these than I recall. Still, the MIDI instrument choices feel kinda tame.
* Battle 3: Surprisingly retro-feeling battle tune. Kinda works for a Dragon Quest vibe, where even throwaway fights are musically treated like fights to the death. Which, technically, they are.
* Battle 4: I'd say this works for an arena-based battle. A relaxed but lowkey ambitious fight song, which works well for fights where you're not trying to kill or maim your opponent.
* Battle 5: As no VX song is designated as boss tunes, this'd work well for a mini boss. Gets you pumped up, but implies the enemy knows what they're doing. A tone of "they're tough, but we're tougher".
* Battle 7: With that synthesized rock organ, it'd fit fighting fiends, grisly ghouls, cultists, or even corrupt clergy.
* Battle 9: Slow start, epic feel, steady and climactic rhythm. Likely my favorite final boss theme, especially against a sympathetic villain.
* Dungeon 1: Earthy but otherworldly, like Dungeon 4 from RM2k. More about the journey into the unknown than anything epic, with an eerie calm.
* Dungeon 6: More otherworldly than Dungeon 1, and very melancholy. Ideal for somewhere that's abandoned, and probably haunted.
* Field 3: Warm and energetic! Great for a summertime adventure, or a magical vacation.
* Scene 7: If I needed an ending and/or credits theme from RPG Maker, this'd be it.
* Theme 3: My favorite rendition of the classic RPG Maker title theme! In RPG Maker 2k/3, this is called "Opening 1".

A lot more modern-sounding (which works for some sprite generator outfits), but still good tracks. I stan VX Ace, and it's tied with 2k for my favorite RTP soundtrack. Contains the most tracks of my listings.

All of them: May as well be!
Battle 1: Simple, but has a good beat and tempo. It's a great random encounter tune for me. It's pretty tame, but I wouldn't get sick of hearing it countless times.
Battle 2: I like coming up with alternate names to VG tracks, especially ones with generic titles. In my mind, this will forever be "Fashionista's Fight". X3
Battle 3: Grungy, if that's the right term for it. For a mini boss, or for mooks a cut above most, it's a good jam to battle by.
Battle 4: Boss battles aside, this also fits mass battles like a glove... or mayhap, a gauntlet?
Battle 5: Wow! A default RM track that I'm not sick of! \o/
Battle 6: VX Ace owned their fight themes, huh? Good to square off against a pretentious rival to.
Battle 8: A rockin' tune for when the bosses stop playing around, but aren't demon-prince levels of wicked.
Dungeon 1: A little uneasy, invoking feelings of a mystery to be solved.
Dungeon 2: Captures a derelict, empty feeling. It's either a place people have rarely stepped into, or one that hasn't been visited in ages.
Dungeon 3: Vibes of Super Mario World's ghost houses drip from this one's gothic tones.
Dungeon 5: In the vein of Dungeon 4 from 2k/3, and Dungeon 1 from VX. It's mysterious yet earthy, and hopefully it's not a malevolent place this time. Ancient ruins, perhaps?
Dungeon 7: Despite the opening instruments, it feels more archaic or classical going into it. Might work for a setting when the past meets the present?
Dungeon 8: The dungeon is treacherous, but are you gonna let that stop you? What better tune for the next trial of fearless challengers?
Field 1: Tame but ambitious, it fits a group of friends who won't let the darkness stop them from saving the day.
Field 2: For some weird reason, it has a very... tropical vibe to me? Almost like cruising through a Florida vacation city, like Miami or Orlando?
Scene 5: Sheer serenity. A fairy fountain in a clearing, the splendor of nature, or even a peaceful ending.
Scene 6: Homey, touching theme for chatting with townsfolk, friends who aren't adventurers, or even family. Reminds you not of a world you're fighting for, but those beloved folk within it.
Theme 4: Dreamy start, then hopeful and heroic when it drops the beat. A runner-up for my favorite title screen theme from RM!
Town 2: Cozy after-hours tune to me, maybe some late-night shopping or a night on the town?
Town 3: The city or suburb sprawl, exemplified in RTP music.
Town 5: A town by the lake, or even being on a coast. Either way, a peaceful place on the water.
Town 6: Finally, a castle theme in RPG Maker that I actually like.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
My absolute favorite is 2k3's Icy Labyrinth. While I prefer the MV remake (and it's my favorite on MV), I still love the 2k3 version.
Guardian of the Description Thread
My absolute favorite is 2k3's Icy Labyrinth. While I prefer the MV remake (and it's my favorite on MV), I still love the 2k3 version.

I think I remember jamming to that when I was playing/testing Dreamscapes?

Though, as long as I'm here, I might as well drop "Ordeal"...

...or, if you prefer, "Trial", as having a certain place in my heart.
I love hearing y'alls thoughts on the RTP music. Hearing about it, going and listening to it to refresh my memory, it's a definite nostalgic blast for me.

I do want to add another RPG Maker track that's top tier: Conflict from the SNES RPG Maker 2!

I'd definitely recommend giving the SNES RPG Maker tracks a spin, both are excellent!
Here's one for RPG Maker 1: Super Dante,
And another for RPG Maker 2's OST!
"My father told me this would happen."
I do want to add another RPG Maker track that's top tier: Conflict from the SNES RPG Maker 2!

Oh heck yeah! Ancient jams!
"My father told me this would happen."
Serious question

about animal.mid

which I've never heard till now

...but at 0:20 its literally wood man

Marrend did you do that on purpose?
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I found a lot of charm in this VX Ace track sped up to 1.5x speed. I used it for my boss music on Ruby Radiance for the IGMC :p
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