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Hello everyone! I've been trying out RPG Maker MZ, and am very impressed!

I'm considering a purchase, but after MV, I'm a little shy about going for it, so I thought I'd ask: How has it been for everyone else so far?

Any problems? Any lag? Any difficulties? Do the effekseer animations work well? I'll be mostly making my own resources so I don't care as much about the RTP graphics that come with it, one way or another.

My only real frustration is I really want a script to tell when you hit a weakness or resistance, but if I can't find that, I can probably hire someone to make it for me.
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My sole experience with it was within the context of Trials of MZ. In so doing, I didn't dip my toes into coding. So, I don't know if it would be harder or easier to, say, make something explode on contact, or estimate a card-based mini-game.

However, I really appreciated the character generator. Like, if I could get that separate from the engine, or even just have rights to use the parts, and Frankenstien them myself, I swear, I would import that stuff into Ace (resized, of course). Probably not how that works!

*Edit: Though, I think I would make games with it, if I had the full version. At the very least, I have Heaven's Gate MZ as a basis to work off of for certain help-related things that might prop up that involve coding?

Not 100% sure about the script-request posted in the OP, though. *nervous laughter*

I feel the interaction/references starts with Game_BattlerBase, given...

function Game_BattlerBase() {

Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_ELEMENT_RATE = 11;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_DEBUFF_RATE = 12;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_STATE_RATE = 13;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_STATE_RESIST = 14;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_PARAM = 21;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_XPARAM = 22;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_SPARAM = 23;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_ATTACK_ELEMENT = 31;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_ATTACK_STATE = 32;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_ATTACK_SPEED = 33;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_ATTACK_TIMES = 34;
Game_BattlerBase.TRAIT_ATTACK_SKILL = 35;

...certain things.
I made a SHMUP platformer in a week using MZ for the Trials of MZ event, with only about a few months of experience with MV beforehand. I have to say, the expanded Button options in conditional branches really helped.

Since you can also detect if a button has been triggered or repeated instead of only pressed down, it allowed to make me something that wouldn't be as good in MV without plugins. Especially the jumping mechanics. Another thing I really like is the active battle system. It's really nice having that by default. The default UI is also much superior to the MV one. Especially for mouse controls.

The addition of the Last category in Game Data for variables etc. has also proven pretty useful. Like for example, in creating a consumable item that gives XP only to the character that uses it. In MV, the only way I found how to do it by default is by having a weird damage formula with script calls, for MZ, you just fill a variable with the ID of the Last Target Actor ID.

The biggest thing for me was that tab that shows all the events on the current map in a neat list. I don't think I could make that game so fast without it. It's the best addition in MZ by far.
It's been fantastic. I'm loving the QoL improvements. Now I just gotta upscale all the juicy old school resources and move everything to MZ, lmao.
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