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This has been a bleak year, for some. Let's end it with a bit of cheer!
Yeah, I'm with you on that.
Let's make our recipients happy!



/all the cheers .mid.bat

Hopefully peeps remember the due date. *cough*
Damn, i just read about this. Hopefully everyone got their gift in time. Was about to offer as a helper if some people couldn't make it.
Anyway, happy early christmas, all of you!
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.

I want to thank my santa for EvilQuest! I love these little retro comedy rpgs so I will make sure to enjoy it tonight! Obviously I know who you are since your name was in the little note pop-up (does steam even allow anonymous gifting anymore?) hahaha! Again, thank you!
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Just in case my secret santa doesn't join us on Discord:

Fomar0153 Today at 12:04 AM
oh wow, I got an amazing tongue in cheek review of Arum Online (MMORPG Simulator)
a whole side of A4, really well written, extremely funny
Fomar0153 Today at 12:07 AM
just re-read, thank you Secret Santa, that was an awesome present

Thank you Secret Santa, that was a fantastic present!
The TM is for Totally Magical.

Thank you, Santa!
I can't guess. I don't know who the pixelers are on RMN.
To whoever was my secret santa, thank you! These are AMAZING. I didn't expect to get 4 avatar pictures that were also animated. I'm gonna switch between them over time.
OrudoPatto, kisama!

Thank you, Secret Santa! <3
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Secret Santa, I am glad you liked Dates at the Gilded Dallah! Glad it had its charm. Am stoked to see what the GOG game is too.

Thank you so much. It always means a lot when folks have a good time with my creations. Your gift is the highlight of my night.

EDIT: Game is La-Mulana 2, yooooo! Am prepared to git gud at deadly ruin exploration once more~
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Dear Secret Santa, I don't like the gift... I LOVE IT, I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT, FROM THE GRAPHICS TO EVEN THE MUSIC. It warmed my heart seeing all my characters there and with very fitting gameplay roles to boot! Their sprites are so cute too! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, there are not enough words to say how thankful I am! Thank you, thank you so much!
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Whoever made my gift, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have no idea who it could've been, but they made their research, they know me well, and I thank them fully for it. Whoever you are Secret Santa, thanks a ton for the fangame! I love how it was made in VX Ace Lite as well in order to play even more into the meme xDDD

Thanks Santa! I'm guessing it's maybe Rachel?
Thanks again to my Santa for the amazing video review of Cuties & Clues! :D

If you want to post your review of Cuties & Clues on the Cuties & Clues gamepage as Media, feel free to do so.
I was gifted Frostpunk and a DLC for it on steam, thanks to whomever my Santaboi is!
Thanks a lot, (not-so-secret ;p ) Santa! The steam game was really neat in and of itself and a great surprise, but the LP was really funny. I'm sorry you played my broken piece of game. I should fix that one of these days but dankeeee!
Live we shall, through moments both fleeting and eternal.

Thanks to my Santa for the fan art.

Guardian of the Description Thread
The first order of business iiiiiisssss....


The second order of business iiiiiiissssss....

Thanks Secret Santa!

Though, perhaps I should put secret in air-quotes, because said Santa decided to leave their name! For the sake of the thread, I will leave this person anonymous until the big reveal.

The gift, itself, was a written LP of my Theme Roulette 3 entry, Heaven's Gate. Though, from skimming portions of the text, I think they were confused, and perhaps reasonably so, with another game?

Eh, it fine. *sends hugs*
Thank you for the review on 7 Minutes Santa ;_; It was so nice, I'm glad you enjoyed it. You also got me Nier Autamota but I'm sad to say that yesterday (Eve) my friend gifted me that game (since that's when I open my presents) so I can't use the code, I'm really sorry your money went to waste it makes me feel really bad. Err, if you can refund it feel free to, I really really appreciated it though since I've been wanting that game since it came out. Thanks again, made my day besides feeling bad about the code.

EDIT: Btw I'm 100% sure my Santa is Oldpat my process of elimination. In the review it says they have bad English meaning they're not native in English. That eliminates Liberty, Frogge, Ozzy, piano, Rachel, Delsin, Dyluck, Zakariya, Yomi, psy, and Illy. It said it's their first review which eliminates Mirak, Waka, Fomar, Marrend, Acra, bicfarmer, Cap, Calunio and kory. That leaves Avee, Acra and Oldpat. I got a steam game which means two things, they're a friend on my steam list and they are someone I know well. A stranger is less likely to spend money on me and unless someone sneakily handed over a link to my profile, Oldpat is the only one out of the remaining three that I know well and is a steam friend. So Pat is sus for being my Santa #Lynch Oldpat.