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We are looking to pay an expert in RPG Maker to advise us and answer technical questions.

What we want from you:
We are in need of an expert that can easily point us in the right direction when analyzing various technical solutions. For example: Menu Layouts, Skill Trees, Quest Systems, Time/Calendar systems and charting capabilities (and more). Which combination of in-engine manipulation, plugins, resource libraries and scripts can solve what we want to get accomplished?

At least five years’ experience.
Fluent in English.
Work would take place via email and Zoom meetings.

How to apply:
If interested, please send a message to our RPGMaker.net mailbox (PowerParametrics), with your resume (if handy) and a list of games you have worked on (links would be nice).

More information:
Power Parametrics LLC (PP) is an organization whose purpose is to create an engaging and fun RPG game, whose players learn college level economic concepts. Most games are already filled with economic concepts, however, the economic terminology and jargon are not present. Therefore, if a player takes a standardized academic economic examination, they will not do well. Our approach is to match the jargon with the player experience. For example, an NPC name might be Monopolist (instead of Ogre Kronchabie).

About Us:
PP was created by Toby Madden. Toby is from Minnesota and is a retired economist, educator and avid gamer. He is providing his retirement funds to achieve his long-time goal of creating a breakthrough in education technology.

Toby’s son Christopher is part of the PP team. He is an experienced teacher as well as has a Master’s degree in Education from Leicester University. He is fluent in English and French. Chris’s role is in story development, research and marketing.

Also, part of the PP team is Chris’s wife Hansol Na. She is from South Korea and is fluent in Korean, English and Japanese, and has a working capability in Mandarin. She graduated from Waseda University in LLB, and worked as an international business person for over 4 years. Hansol’s role is programming.

We have done an extensive review of the literature regarding RPG games as well as incorporating educational content into games. A draft of the gameplay and storyline has been created. We developed a proof-of-concept game developed in RPG Maker MV. We are developing the actual game in RPG Maker MZ. We do not plan on using the in-game battle engine, but more focus on exploration, quests, puzzles, avatar development, mini games and world building.

The game story- after a series of unfortunate events our hero is washed up on a mysterious island with an unknown population. The hero will make his way through the island discovering economic skills to predict the future and to build a wonderful life. Will the hero be able to rise up to the highest levels of power and be elected ruler of the island?
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