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I keep getting my projects denied. The last one I submitted had a description and screenshots. I know that the screenshots come from practice maps. I'm getting closer to making it.
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I believe denied gamepages are told a reason, or am I wrong?

Also why are you submitting practice maps instead of actual maps from your game? If your game is so early in production that you only have practice maps, then maybe it's too early to put up a gamepage.
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As far as I can tell, the denial message was...

We require at least a paragraph based on either plot/setting/lore.

...this. I can't comment about the contents of gamepage, itself, as I don't have that kind of access. I could suggest sending your description to this thread. However, if your description just needs a paragraph of story/plot, I'm not sure how much the thread would be able to help with what's already there?
This thread could be of use: https://rpgmaker.net/articles/1270/

The reason you were denied was lack of either plot/setting/lore description. You know the blurbs on the back of games that give you an overview of what to expect from the story of a game? That. It can be as general as talking about who the main characters are and how they get caught up in what's about to happen or as specific as going into the background of your world before the heroes are born. Check out that article linked and see if it helps as currently, you've just added a description of the chronological order of events in the game.

Don't forget to hit the Submit button after you fix it so that it gets re-added to the queue. I also highly recommend adding images that are actually in the game as mock-ups aren't allowed as part of the required image amounts.

Lastly, I'll be checking the queue on Sunday, so if you can get that done before then, it should go through just fine when I check it! >.<)b

If you need more details or help with this, PM me~
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