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Hi, I made an edit to my game page yesterday, but when I checked it the following morning, it reverted back to how it was before. I'm wondering if I've done something I shouldn't have, causing a mod to change it back.

Also, this question is specifically for the admins. I wrote a novelised version of my game and it's on Amazon Kindle. Am I alright to link to it from my game page?
Try hard refreshing the page (shift+F5) to see if that changes things. Sometimes you have to wait for the switch over past midnight for stuff to be fully refreshed on the site, especially when it comes to anything image-wise.

You can certainly link to it. Maybe a Page tab would be a good idea, but yeah, that should be fine.
Thanks, I will give it a try. Going through the forums, I noticed a few people were having the same problem.
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