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It's Valentine's Day and there's a lot of lonely hearts out there. Time to pair up!

This is a Pixel Quilt with a bit of a twist! Instead of one large quilt, this time we have small half-hearts for people to pick!

The full-sized heart completed:

- Pick one half of the below pairs of hearts.
- If you're the first to pick that half, pixel the part you chose (either left or right) and post it in this topic.
- If you're the second to pick a half in a pair, wait until the first half is posted, then fill in the missing half!
- Use the heart half provided as a base and pixel your art there!
- Picture should match along the middle as well as possible.
- Recommend a theme of cute/love/romance/etc but you can pixel whatever, really~
- There is a set number for a reason! You'll see when we finish them all~ This is the reason they're a bit on the small side. ;p
- A badge will come your way when all the hearts are filled if you took part!

We'll start out with allowing one choice per person, but will allow for more than one later on if needed.

Here's the bases to pick from:

Left Heart Piece

Right Heart Piece


Heart A - Ocean and Muffle

Heart B - Illy and esby

Heart C - TheRPGMakerAddict and Tar-sama

Heart D - Amysaurus and Dyluck

Heart E - NikkyoConsortium and orochii

Heart F - AtiyaTheSeeker and pianotm

Heart G - RPGMakerAddict and Delsin7

Heart H - calunio and orochii

Heart I - Fflo and Mirak

Heart J - El_Waka and RPGMakerAddict

Heart K - Zorga and coelocanth

Heart L - Liberty and JustAShyDoge

Heart M - awe_famsquad and Liberty

Heart N - Soulrain and CrazyBabi

Heart O - NikkyoConsortium and OzzyTheOne

Heart P - JustAShyDoge and Illy

Heart Q - el_Waka and Sooz

Heart R - Zero-vx and NikkyoConsortium

Heart S - el_Waka and akoniti

So as an example I've done the left half of Heart L. It then has been added to the list for someone to pick up and finish to create a full heart!

Base size:

400% (just cos)

The left side of the K heart please~
I'll take G right. Random number generator ahoy.
I'll take B Left!


Bonus points if you guess the reference.
(There are no bonus points.)
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Goodness, those are some itty hearts. Interesting. I think I'll do left of F?
Can I choose G left? Can I?
time to ruin someone else's work, lol!
Q left please! This looks so fun
Ok, since G RIGHT was a the first half was already posted, time to deliver...


Aaaaaand keeping with the theme!

They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Eeeee! I love this idea!

I'll take Q right
Still a dumb and shy doggo
I have unannouncedly, forcefully taken Heart L Right.

Decided to give it a try on Heart L's right side. I hope it's good enough...

In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Left of F is complete. Seems someone has a secret admirer...


And at 4x Size:
How could I haven't seen this fun event! Not gonna miss it.
C Right please. (ˆ▿ˆc)

extreme disappointment
i'm taking b right
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