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I'm looking for a chapter selection system that allows me to simply select individual chapters of the game and then teleport to a specific map. Each individual chapter should be an image. You can hover from chapter to chapter using left/right keys and start a chapter using enter or space. It would be best if the individual chapters were tied to a switch, so that the chapters are locked when the switch is not ON. In this case, a small icon (for example, a lock) should be displayed in the image, which shows the player that this capter isn't yet unlocked. It should be possible to enter the save menu with Escape while the scene is active. Can someone help me with this? I haven't found anything like this that would've fit my game so far. :)

Guardian of the Description Thread
I kinda feel like this is some kind of combination of my infamous Teleport script, with a little Mechanima bot-shop goodness.

For what it's worth, I did try giving this a whirl, but, I can't seem to get the images I've set to display at the moment. The help text seems to be updating proper, though?
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