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In the image tab of a gamepage, as a developer, we can give the following settings to an image:

* Use as main image
* Use as a homepage image

What do each setting do? What's the difference between them?
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Use as main image places that screenshot next to the game's name on the gamepage when you're not using your own game logo, and is the image that is used in your game's thumbnail when it appears on the main rmn home page, on playlists, and on the embeddable links (found in your gamepage's 'Share Game' section), only one of your screenshots can be assigned as the Main image.

The main image appears like this.

Checking the "Use as a homepage image" box on any screenshot selects that screenshot to appear in one of the four screenshot slots on the gamepage's right-middle side. Not selecting any screenshot as a homepage image will display the four most recent ones uploaded. If you check this box in more than four screenshots, your gamepage will display the four most recently uploaded screenshots that have that box checked.

Using this feature you can control which four screenshots people will see first when they load the gamepage.
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