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I'm weary of using a lot of Final Fantasy music in my game, but I find that a lot of the tracks from Final Fantasy games (especially VII) fit the atmosphere of my game perfectly. Basically, I need suggestions for music that fits the same atmosphere as these tracks but isn't from Final Fantasy games. Also, I'd prefer if the music wasn't from an RPG at all, but I know that's less likely (I'm using a lot of Streets of Rage/Gundam Wing music at the moment to remedy that problem...)

Anyway, the tracks I want to replace are:

Don Of The Slums (FF7)
Never Look Back (FF8 - From the X-ATM092 chase)
Lurking In The Darkness (FF7)

Any ideas?
Well, I don't really have issues with that "Squaresoft sin" that a lot of people seem to have. If the music fits, you should feel entitled to use it. BUT if you're really convinced, and thus looking for music outside of the FF universe, I suggest... well, *shrug* taking a tour around Blue Laguna?

Unfortunately, all I really listen to are video game soundtracks except a few classic rock things... <<
LOL My music tastes are kinda similar to Suzu´s :P

Best bet are more obscure RPGs, or you can pick some known theme and edit with a midi editor, I remember exchanging instruments and tempo for FF6 boss battle and it felt quite different :P
I don't have anything against FF as far as music in games goes, I just don't like commonly used VG music. Unfortunately FF usually qualifies for that...

I'd say the best way to approach this isn't so much "I want these tracks replaced" so much as "I want music for this area." It would be nice if you posted the atmosphere/area you intended the music to play in. Yeah, obscure VG music is probably the way to go. I'd post suggestions if you put up the area stuff.
Well, if you consider where those tracks were used in those games originally then you'll probably get the right atmosphere, but I need music for:

a) The hideout of a gang-leader who is respected within his own area of influence but not anywhere else. The music shouldn't sound as if it is trying to scare the player or make them worried about the upcoming confrontation, but it should let them know that they are in an area where someone of influence sits. (Don Of The Slums...)

b) Music for a chase scene, basically. More specifically, a chasing mini-game where the player has to direct the hero through a maze of obstacles without being caught by the mecha trying to hunt the hero down.

c) Finally, I need music for a residential area of a Slum district. I picked Lurking in the Darkness for obvious reasons, but if it makes picking something any easier then the music I picked for the other residential area of the Slums was the music from Stage 1 of Streets of Rage (also called "Inner City"). The music should NOT sound too depressing, it isn't a ghost town...
Sorry, I can't say I've managed to complete any FF game at all, (I started after using RM for a while and was already sick of random encounters), so I had no idea where the pieces came from. Some suggestions:

A - I'll think of something later, I'm sure...

B - Maybe the boss music from Donkey Kong Land? It's upbeat, sort of, but also has empty areas. Meh.

C - Try Olivine City from PokeGSC. Sounds weird, but there's a fair remix on VGmusic that sounds pretty good in this application.
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If you are into MIDIs, will probably have something you can use.
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Bjorn Lynne is a good MIDI composer with FREE MIDIs!

I found that a lot them work for RPGs.
I already use vgmusic for getting music, I've just been focusing on getting mapping/event systems put in place and not so much on resource gathering so I haven't been on a big hunt. That was kinda the point of this topic; to get suggestions for specific tracks since I guessed most people would've heard those FF tunes (obviously, that blew up in my face!).

I'll have to have a bigger look through some games I don't know the music from I guess, but thanks for the suggestions.
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