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I noticed that many of the tiles on the SF Outside tilesets are the wrong size. The vehicles are too small and the food stands are too big.

There is a perfect vehicle tileset for the tank, helicopter, trucks, cars; but not for the buses.

I think I can shrink stuff just fine. Can anybody make a MV bus with high enough detail?

I was mostly hoping for a remake for the bus (but the size of the trucks in this image), much like the cars and trucks.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Unless youre willing to pay someone here to make a custom one for you, you will have to make do with available online resources. After a quick google search found this blogpost with a few vehicle resources, they're in very big sizes:


School buses, trucks, trailers, cars, you can find a lot of stuff there, and I've seen some other blogs which I can't recall atm that had even more.
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