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The hype is real, maybe?

Anyone with Windows 10 should be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free, but should you?????????????????????

As with any new OS, it will usually come with some issues. And as a PC gamer, you have to wonder how some very old games will perform, if at all, on this OS. (RPG Maker 2K3? etc... might need to watch out too.)

I didn't really think there was going to be a new Windows and am not sure weather I want this new update or not.

What are your thoughts.

Edit: see my next post down below about the new details.

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I'll likely do what I did with the upgrade to Windows 10 -- evade it as long as possible. I don't really mind Windows, especially as Mac doesn't have the same compatibility, and I don't know jack about code so Linux is out the window. Hoping they do better with Win11, but I'm not going out of my way to upgrade until they force it.
Heh. I remember when the word was "There'll never be a new Windows operating system. It'll always just be upgrades and expansions to 10." So much for that.

I'm still holding out on 7 and will continue to do so.
I still have flashbacks of the early days of Windows 10 where RPG Maker's RTP packages were false-flagged as viruses, among other problems. So now my first thought with Win11 coming is "Oh god I hope legacy RPG Maker engines still work on it."

I guess we can count our blessings that these upwards-of-20 year old game engines still run on modern systems: something that not a lot of other game engines have the benefit of. I just hope we'll be okay here, too.
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I remember Windows 10 tricked me into uploading it. I had tried for months to avoid it, and by the time I realized it wasn't just an update for Win 7, it was too late. I can't say it's terrible, but it has a lot of glitches that Win 7 didn't have. It has a really nice aesthetic, and it's easy to navigate.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Don't like what I've seen at all, especially the layout, so I'll put off switching to Windows 11 for as long as I possibly can.
The only reason I updated to Windows 10 was so I could play Phasmophobia. Not even remotely joking. I guess I'll wait a while for 11.
Live we shall, through moments both fleeting and eternal.

Windows 7 was really good and it took until about 2019 for Windows 10 to finally beat it in overall users (So it took 4 years for Windows 7 / other users to switch over.)

The centering of the search bar is a strange choice, but I remember using Windows 95 for the first time and thinking it too was a terrible uphaul over Windows 3.1

I have an Alienware m17 R3. I purchased my PC for RetroArch, LLE, and CRT-Royale at 3840 × 2160 with playable speeds.

I'll be happy to take one for the team and upgrade to Windows 11. (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ I'll let everyone know if I have any problems.

I'll also test RM2K3, RMXP, RMVX, RMVXA, RMMV, and RMMZ for compatibility. I'll report back here if they don't work as expected. I can't test out RM2k because I don't know how to purchase it standalone.
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I've had it in the back of my head to get a new laptop for a bit, now, but, I wasn't 100% comfortable with getting one with Windows 10. I'd rather use a more stable OS, like Windows 7 or Windows 8. This announcement kinda makes me wonder if Windows 10 updates will slow down, though?

I remember my mom getting a Windows 10 tower, and she was pretty annoyed by how often it updated. One update made the use of our old printer defunct. Granted, the printer was getting on in years, so we'd probably would have replaced it eventually. Even if one disregards that, the updates were eating up quite a bit of bandwith. Mom isn't as involved online as I am, but, nevertheless, she could feel it. At the time, I could not figure out for the life of me how to turn off the damn updates for her. Forgive me if I cannot remember how we eventually resolved the issue, as it was a few years ago.
I'll also test RM2K3, RMXP, RMVX, RMVXA, RMMV, and RMMZ for compatibility. I'll report back here if they don't work as expected. I can't test out RM2k because I don't know how to purchase it standalone.

I think you can get it on HumbeBundle.

I'll hold off. Switching from Windows 7 to 10 was a disaster at work. Software's quit working, I get random slowdowns because of Windows Defender, we lose connection to the server roughly every hour, and for a while the security settings were logging us out after 2 minutes. 10's been okay at home, but after one update it deleted everything in My Documents, My Pictures, and My Music the day before I had to leave on a business trip. That was fun, re-ripping my whole CD collection.

I'm mostly concerned about Rm2k and 2k3, if I'm eventually forced to upgrade. Fingers crossed.

I miss XP.
I don't know jack about code so Linux is out the window

Using Linux doesn't require coding though it can help. Like most modern operating systems, Linux has a full graphical user interface. You can try Linux without installing it simply by loading a Linux distribution on a USB thumbstik. Insert the thumbstik to a USB port then boot and see for yourself. Linux offers 2 main advantages: it's free and it needs less hardware resources to run. If you have a old PC than doesn't meet the Windows hardware requirements, you can most certainly run Linux on it.
@Marrend I set my connection to metered, so I only update when I want to. (´。• ᵕ •。`)

@Bluefeathr42 Thanks! I was able to find it there.
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I don't like windows having round corners on my rectangular monitor.
If I can make the switch (apparently the requirements include some random piece that isn't overly common yet) I'll make the switch as late as possible. And then spend about a day trying to customize things to be as close to the way I'm used to as possible. And then after a while just giving up and accepting that I'll have to get used to a worse experience and then it all starts again.
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I'm gonna wait until all the guinea pigs good folk who will use it first report back with "ok, it's safe to do it now".
Live we shall, through moments both fleeting and eternal.

Well.... I'm not sure how to say this, but you won't likely be updating to Windows 11 at all. As you need an 8th generation CPU or newer to qualify.....

Yep, my mid range gaming PC with a powerful i7 and decent 1060 GTX is not going to make the cut for the new version of windows. So, if you have an older PC than me or even a PC that's 7th generation or older, well.... No Windows 11 for you.



It's time to move away from Windows !
finally windows 10 will become stable, no more updates, yay!
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Well, took me forever to figure this out, but my system absolutely meets the minimum requirements. Man, when Google doesn't want to give you a straight answer, it is just fucked.

Will I upgrade? Not immediately, but eventually. By the way, Microsoft is absolutely going to chicken out of this. In order to make a decision like this, they had to genuinely believe that people who just built super expensive gaming rigs would gladly throw it away and get a new, expensive computer just to make sure they could get Windows 11. That's not a line of thinking that has anything to remotely do with reality. Here's reality: most of you won't pay to upgrade to Windows 11, but that doesn't mean Microsoft won't get paid for everyone who upgrades. They're going to remember they actually like money. And historically, Microsoft does shit like this all the time, and they have backed down every single time because it cost them their asses.
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