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I am having trouble with the thing that makes it so you can type in your name on RMXP. rmxp. It just shows a bunch of blankness. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Also, how do I make it so it says the player's name whenever someone says something about it. Is there something I have to type in there like
%c36 or something? Please please help me. So i need help on getting the type in name to work, and also how it says the typed in name since I don't know it!
;D ok put this in the message \n the 001 is the player's (hero) number
so for player 2 put 002.... oh and if you remove the player from the party make sure you uncheck box at the bottom of the add player bit...
ah man dude you rock thanks. But what I still don't get is how to create your name. When I click on Enter Hero Name, it just shows a bunch of blank spots. Can you help me please? How do i make the letters appear?
Ok i got that but the letters still won't show up! I have to be able to see the letters or else it won't be cool! So, i need help with getting the letters to show up!
Yeah but when i used that it didn't work either and i want it for free i dont wanna pay 60 bucks just to get letters to show up!

Dude! Can you just tell me how to do it?
You wouldn't be paying 60 bucks for some letters to show up. You'd be paying 60 bucks to USE THE PROGRAM.

ps. rmxp's not free
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This site does NOT support the illegal versions of RMXP. If you want to use RMXP, I suggest you purchase the program.
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