We actually have a rule that if you have a commercial game, you can't use the default download button to link to it - that should only be to free games. That said, a small free to play demo, with a link in the summary to the commercial game is definitely allowed.

Hey Libby,
Awww, I hope it's okay to say this, but I'm not sure if I find it reasonable. I mean all games and reviews need to be approved before they can go on the site, to begin with. Having the "Add Review" button greyed out just because a game doesn't have a download for the Download link doesn't seem like the best move to me. At least, for Commercial games, enable the "Add Review" button?

Multiple commercial games already did the Steam link thing in their Downloads as well, and not saying "because other people do it, it's OK," but I feel like it's more beneficial to allow the Steam link page when a game is marked "Commercial." I mean, the game page already says "Commercial," so of course a payment site of sorts is to be expected. If the commercial game wants to have a free demo, they can then add an additional Download link called "Free demo" and have two Download links.

I feel like the current rules as a whole are a bit detrimental to people discovering and enjoying great games for "risks" that may or may not be worth sacrificing for. I feel like it's worth reconsidering. :)

- Kiyasu

I've also already submitted coelocanth's and bicfarmer's pictures as "Fan Art" into their RMN game pages too. Yours is a picture of a random cat, so it doesn't apply anywhere on RMN, and I'm not sure about El_WaKa's Stickman. :P But I've already asked Waka myself via Discord private message, and awaiting a reply XD Oh yeah, about Starmage's Rave Heart game, I did also submit my Ellemine picture through the "Add Media" link for his game. :D Again, all my submissions are currently pending approval.
it's okay, i can put mine in my profile page :)
anyway, that's a lot of submission! you did get a lot of work done in such a short time.

as for your other offer, i think i have to decline for now. i'm suck at strategy games so i'm afraid i won't be able to enjoy and review it appropriately. thanks again for the extra gifts though.
maybe i can give a review for other games you are involved in, if you are okay with that?

Thank you so much :) Glad you think so! And yeah, go ahead! :D
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm only speaking of my personal preference here, but, I wouldn't feel comfortable with attaching a download to RMN that leads to a Steam page. I'd just put the link to the page into the description.

That said, I can see where kiyasu is coming from. Another thing to consider might be in relation to the Misaos. It might not be relevant for this year, because commercial games cannot be nominated for Misaos. However, it might be relevant for a future year when they can be, since creating a new download generally triggers nomination availability for that year.

*Edit: Going a bit further on this line of thought, commercial games might only get up to three chances for Misaos. First would be when the gamepage is initially submitted/accepted. Second might be when a free demo is attached to the gamepage. Third might be when it's flagged as "complete", and they attach the complete version to whatever site they are hosting it on? I dunno, I'm just throwing ideas down... and getting the sense this conversation should arguably be in "User Feedback".
Kiyasu, thanks for the lovely picture. Here's my version of Reeruro for you.

Also thanks Santa Liberty for the game, I'm enjoying it so far.
The TM is for Totally Magical.

I was thinking about that. Not having the ability to review a commercial game is a little unfair, but it is kind of negated when the dev uploads a free demo, which is allowed for commercial games. It's not like RMN forces us to ONLY review the demo, and I know from past Misao's that completed commercial games are counted, even if the download may not be allowed. At the same time, it'd be nice to have a few options for this.

Maybe we could add a box to the submission that devs could tick to confirm that the download of a completed commercial game exists on another site that would trigger the review button and Misao nomination link for commercial devs that don't want to put up a demo.
Thank you so much :) Glad you think so! And yeah, go ahead! :D
nice, i'll get to it once i finished some games in my backlog.