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All the screenshots, eccept the promotional Artwork, were directly taken from the game. If you look closely, you could see the Title bar of my game at the top of my screenshots. I only edited out what's outside the window (my Desktop).
If i need to change something, please message me.
Game: The singing Sword
Guardian of the Description Thread
Since the gamepage has been denied, linking to said gamepage will only provide a 404 page not found error to the bulk of the userbase on this site. If you feel the given reason for your denial is questionable, you may contact Liberty as per the site's contact list, explaining your position.

*Edit: As site moderator, I can see that the reason given for the denial was, "Screenshots must be from in-game." However, I do not have the access to verify your position that they are.
Bear in mind, any feedback I give is without having seen your game. See if anything in this thread helps. Also, just to be safe, you might want to do more than the minimum (e.g. more than 3 in-game screenshots, not limited to the title screen. Write more than the minimum two paragraphs description on your game page. Try to get screenshots of your best maps and game mechanics).

Also, if your mapping is objectively very bad, you might want to open up your game and edit a few maps to be more detailed and attractive, so that you have some better screenshot material. Add more details, use Set Screen Tone, etc. If all of your graphics are RTP, you might want to swap-in some non-RTP graphics. If none of your screenshots are using Show Picture, you might want to use the Show Picture command or a Parallax Background at least once at some point in your game.
I changed some of my screenshots and resubmitted. Im hope it will get accepted this time.
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