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If there is one thing I've noticed over my years of collecting card board it's that many card games just seem doomed to fail from the outset. For every successful card game like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, or Magic the Gathering there are numerous other games that fell into cracks so deep you'd think the games never existed in the first place. And, I'm curious how many people can list without looking up some sort of exhaustive list. After all, you can find just about anything on the Internet. And it's far more interesting to see what kind of collectible/trading card games people have actually played or ran across over the years that failed in my opinion.

For card games I've played a bit over the years that failed I'd point to Duel Masters, Harry Potter, and My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game. Admittedly my brother and I never really got that into Duel Masters so we only ever owned a pair of starter decks and picked up a handful of booster packs over the year of it's initial release. Though, I've heard that Dual Masters also known as Kaijudo is far more popular in Japan.

As for the Harry Potter card game my brother and I actually got a pair of starter decks from our parents for Christmas in our youth. Admittedly we only played the game a few times before we put them into storage somewhere and they haven't been seen since.

Oddly enough I actually got invested in the My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game for a little bit and dropped well over $300 on booster packs over the span of several months and actually drove to gaming store in another town to play against other people for a few months. Sadly the group kind of died while my car was acting up and I could never find another group that was relatively close by to play against. As a result my interest in the game started to die off rather quickly since I didn't see that much value in buying more cards if I was never going to have a reason to use them.

Though if I had to pick the game most likely to fail which I own cards for it would have to be the Beyblade card game. A card game I only known exists because I bought a value pack full of random crap cards at Wal-Mart a while back and one of the boosters was for the Beyblade card game. Seriously, why would you want to play a card game about spinning tops when you can buy a beyblade for probably less money and have way more fun with it?
All I ever collected were some hockey cards, back in the 80s and 90s. I only ever had a few. I liked reading the write-ups and stats on the back.

Some people had TONS though.
White Wolf had a couple of CCGs that managed to survive for a bit but not very long.

And I'm also pretty sure there was a Judge Dredd CCG at some point in the 90s too.
World of Warcraft had a trading card game. Seemed like it could've been a good game if they didn't screw-up the card economy by encouraging people to buy packs so that they could open codes for in-WOW items.

The comic book card game Overpower. Started out as Marvel, but expanded into DC and others.

Later, there was another Marvel vs DC game called VS System. That game had a lot of prize support at one point.

I've vaguely heard of a game called 7th Sea.

Solforge was an online trading card game developed by pro Magic players.

Lately, ChannelFireball has been promoting a TCG called Flesh And Blood.

I remember some people playing Shadowfist. I think that was a game that had trap cards before Yu-Gi-Oh.
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Didn't Star Wars have a card game?

World of Warcraft used to be very popular.

Force of Will seems to be on life support.

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I kinda want to mention Galactic Empires. I maybe had two or three people to even play with, but, I don't think any of us understood the rules. The other game that comes to mind that has a similar story, at least for me, is Wyvern. This was around the mid-90's, which means I would have been somewhere between junior high and senior high.

As long as I'm going into nostalgia-land, lemme put a small story under the hide-tag.

The mid-90's is around the time I was originally introduced to Magic: The Gathering, with packs of the Fallen Empires set. Might have picked up some 4th Edition, but, it eventually fell out of favor for a while.

Picked it up again maybe around Legions, but, dropped it again after Mirrodin, only to pick it back up maybe around Eventide, or Shards of Alara. However, I've stuck with it since. I tried doing FMNs until maybe Zendikar, but, my decks were never competitive enough to win, nor bad enough to earn the last place consolation prize, which was free entry to the next FMN. Casual Commander has become my jam over time, and will probably remain so for a bit.

I remember playing the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game, wasn't popular but it was fun and could even be played in solitayre.

Here three card games were popular...
Magic the Gathering (a friend of mine made money, now has two game shops, organizes tournaments and sells cards. And he still plays sometimes), Yu-Gi-Oh and... (SURPRISE!) Doomtrooper, Mutant Chronicles collectible card game! (ok, there was also a "Fist of the North Star card game" but ok, only for few, was hard to find).
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