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I voted for the Misao via the front page at leads to the survey form. For most of the categories, I chose my favorite game from the ones I knew or had played from the list. For a few categories I didn't know any of the games listed so leaving a blank vote seemed to be the best option to not bias the vote results. Unfortunately, the form requires to pick one answer for every category, forcing me to pick a game at random. If it's all possible, could we add to each game list an option "Don't vote for this category" ?
I had the same issue, I read the reviews of the games and based my vote for those categories on them. It wasn't too many but still felt bad about it.
Guardian of the Description Thread
We didn't want it to be possible to go through the entire process, and not actually cast any votes. I'll grant that it is a little much to ask to vote for every category. For what it's worth, Liberty's been telling people to play games in categories that one has no information on to get that information, and to be more informed. However, I recognize that such a suggestion might not work for everybody.

While I'm not sure if this suggestion can be applied this year or not, we could have that option for next year? This idea of having a "no vote for this category" option could coincide with my idea of only requiring a vote for Game of the Year here.
I said check them out, not just play them - I do understand that people don't have the time, sometimes. That can include doing what Fomar did and checking out reviews and game pages, etc.

Yes, you can't play every game, I understand that, but this is our first time doing offsite. It's gonna have a few issues. I didn't think of having a 'none' option, that's something that I've been made aware of and if we go this channel next year, will add. Thanks!
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