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Hey everyone,

RMN's server fund is near depletion. If you happen to have a spare buck or two, considering tossing a coin to your server?

We have been SO LUCKY with donations for the past 15 (!) years and I can't thank you all enough for the generosity shown to RMN!


A huge thank you to all of the past, current, and future donors to RMN!

Kenton "kentona" Anderson
I donated $5, all I ask is no more Witcher references :p
Sure I'll toss a coin.

I know the paypal is probably functionaly the same, but what about setting up a patreon? Maybe with some kind of milestone/goal tracking there'd be more incentive.
As if I could be trusted to provide deliverables on a monthly basis
Could just start out as a donation drive with nothing promised at first, unless I missed something about Patreon's policy.
You're magical to me.
Dropped a donation after the thread was posted, then had to leave, so I'm posting now :D Thanks for keeping the site running!
Guardian of the Description Thread
Donated $15.

A return of the stat-threads would be nice, but, I won't push the issue beyond poking fun.
It's funny, I was just thinking that it would be interesting to see stats, simply so that we could see just how quote "inactive" the forum is. I'll happily donate to the cause when I'm finished work here.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
I want stats back so sure, end of the month and i'll drop a few bits
For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
I'll donate tomorrow morning. Someone remind me if I forget!

All I ask in return from you kentona is Befuddle Quest 7 thru 15

Also, Befuddle Quest 1 to 6, Anthology Edition
alright, I chucked a couple bucks into the hole, hopefully it keeps this place chugging.
I'm reluctant to up the monthly $10 I've been donating since 2013, I bought my first house last year and like most people my bills are soaring. Doesn't help the pound is worth fewer dollars these days. I can probably do an additional one off donation, what do the actual numbers look like? How much does RMN cost a month these days, and what's the current total of monthly recurring donations?
Sent about $15 Canadian. Which is like 40 cents, so...

what do the actual numbers look like? How much does RMN cost a month these days, and what's the current total of monthly recurring donations?

I'm actually curious about this myself, for a number of reasons.
We could always organize a community sale to gather funds for RMN!
I'm sucked up DRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY right now but hopefully in the next couple' 1-2 months it won't be too late to donate again >.>
Ooh, I like that idea, and a thought occurrs to me. Would it be possible to do a small commercial game drive, where the proceeds of the games go to the RMN server fund? Could that be done? How would that work? I've never done commercial work before, but I would for something like this.
I threw 10US at you.

@Strak, it's an idea to think about.
@JoSeraph, hm...
Donated $25. I don't know how many dozens of terabytes it must take to host every single game on this site and 7,000 copies of the VX Ace RTP, but I don't imagine it's cheap!
It costs about $114 a month for hosting and the oddball thing (like doman name renewals). The monthly recurring donations were about $70~ (it varies a little). So we were running a deficit for the past year and a half or so.
donated~ I need those stats to remind me how infrequently I show up around here.
Would removing any of my downloads help make this a little less, or is it a bit too insignificant in the big picture? I know I have an RM2K3 game here, which is now obsolete with a remake of it, but the size of that is laughable compared to my other projects.

Another thought which had crossed my mind was that maybe you could make a small charge ($1) for each game which is posted here. I've kind of done my monthly donation in that mindset.
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