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Well my dad decided to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy and named her after a song by his favorite band Poco. As a result she ended up with the overly lengthy name of Rosecimarron in honor of the song "Rose of Cimarron".

Though I suppose it fits considering Maggie's actual name is Magnolia which is the name of another song by Poco.

Unfortunately my new phone is being a pain in my backside when it comes to transferring photos to my computer. So, I don't have any photos of decent quality to share at the moment. After all, the only work around I could come up with was to put my phone up to my webcam and then take a screen capture of the video footage from the webcam.

Thankfully she and Maggie seem to be getting along, but I'd say Rose is kind of crazy since she'll run up to Maggie and steal her toys from her.

Admittedly she does succeed on occasion, but I think that's because Maggie lets her win every now and again. After all, Maggie really does enjoy playing tug of war with people. So it really shouldn't surprise me she likes playing it with the puppy as well.

The TM is for Totally Magical.
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