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Well, I decided to start working on the stuff for June a bit early. Mostly because I can't seem to get into the swing of any plans I create for recording stuff for May so I decided I might as well wipe the slate clean and move on.

Bargain Bin Saturdays
BBS 328: Sharknado 2
BBS 329: Sharknado 3
BBS 330: King Kong vs Godzilla (American Version)
BBS 331: Reigo - King of the Sea Monsters
BBS 332: Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
BBS 333: Destroy All Planets

Game Boy
Kirby's Dream Land 2: Parts 26 to 29

Game Boy Advance
Dinotopia - The Timestone Pirates: Parts 10 to 13

Digimon World 3: Parts 15 to 18
Project Horned Owl (RV): Normal - Parts 01 to 04

Playstation 2
.hack//Mutation: Parts 06 to 09
Stretch Panic (RV 2.0): Parts 01 to 04 (Finished)

Pokemon Red (Mono Flying): Parts 02 to 11
Pokemon Crystal (Chikorita/Meganium): Parts 24 to 33
Pokemon Gold (Charmander/Charizard): Parts 04 to 13
Pokemon Silver (Squirtle/Blastoise): Parts 09 to 18

Amok - Robot Fight Arena (Finished)
An Exercise in Futility (Finished)
B-14 Bird Fortress (Finished)
Boss Demon: Boss Demon's Bad Curse (Finished)
Castle Oblivion: Parts 07 to 10
Chase for Divinity: Parts 01 to 04
Chii's Challenge (Finished)
Demon Hunter: Parts 15 to 18
Doggy Dinner Time (Finished)
Escape from Classroom (Finished)
Frank Hawk (Finished)
Gift Collecting Simulator 20XX (Finished)
Great-Great-Grandguy Goes Grasshopping (Finished)
Halo's Mixtape (Finished)
Meteo Chronicles: Parts 9 to 12
Northerner (Finished)
Oh No! It's My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! (Finished)
Puzzle Tower (Finished)
RMN Kitchen (Finished)
Room Escape (Finished)
Steamed Hams, but it's RPGMAKER2003! (Finished)
Sword of Light III: Parts 01 to 04
Tale of the Twin Knights (Finished)
The Gift (Finished)
The Purple Orbs (Finished)
Vampiros: Parts 03 to 05 (Finished)
Villain (Finished)
XRPG: Parts 03 to 05 (Finished)

7K: Ancient Adversaries (Until We Win) - Episode 49 (Parts 01 & 02)
Disgaea 4: Parts 27 to 30
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