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I dunno why no one responds to anything I post. It's like I'm a ghost or something. Cast Thunder1!!!

I posted this a while ago but I'm trying to get more battle strings for failure messages in RPG Maker 2000 or 2003. It would be kind of nice so it could say failures for maxing out status buffs, debuffs, multiple states, and everything else. This was actually 'done' in Everlong since the creator was able to implement a "MISS" or a "FAIL" message in RM2k3. How did he do it? I think I noticed he used some weird IPS files in his file directory. RPG Maker 2000 Value, etc, only has three options and I dunno if you can get 'more'. This is a writer's nightmare it is, and it's so limiting! I've seen so many games and the alike that I can't figure out why people just type "Alex dodges", or "Alex failed", or that sort of thing. Any pointers?
Maybe he had a patched version of RPG Maker that allowed for low level engine edits?
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I think the main reason why the text "Alex dodges", or whatever, is used is because that stuff is pretty much hard-coded into the engine. I mean, it's been a really, really long time since I've used/opened TsuK (to say nothing about TsuK3), but, the options to customize what is printed in the combat log is minimal, at best.

However, kentona's probably on the right track about Everlong. The latest blog, which was dated January of this year, denotes, among other things...

Added controller / gamepad support with a DynRPG plugin

...this. So, it's within the realm of possibility that it uses a DynRPG plugin to have those customized text messages?
What I did notice in Everlong's DynPlugin folder is this, a plugin called:


Though the DynPlugins work with RM2k3 and not RM2k. :<

I dunno why he used gamepad support because RM2k3 and Rm2k already supports gamepads so that did not make sense for his game. I'm just trying to get more options for messages. Thanks life.
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Everlong was made with TsuK3? It's right on the gamepage.

*Edit: Maybe it was about having more customizable gamepad support? I don't know the details, so, I can only guess.
I don't think you can do this with all messages, but you can set some (like the "victory" message) to show the names of characters (so like \N). Then you create custom text by changing the names of those characters in your code, or even randomizing which character names you pick. Another nifty trick is to use the font glyphs to make custom looking text.
I have noticed that actually but I didn't even think of doing that in particular. I usually use the \c trick to color getting gold and items from enemies, but that's kinda interesting, that you can use names of characters in the victory messages. I didn't even know that was possible.
Didn't play the game, but it appears that the custom plugin DynTag (which, conveniently, comes with the source code) handles custom messages popping up in battle (see the method "battleMessagePopup").

If you are using the unofficial version of RM2k3 which can use DynRPG, then you can do the same or adjust (or have adjusted by someone) Everlong's plugin to your own needs (there is no license though so you should ask DJC for permission first).
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