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Take a high-school social sim, combine it with a hardcore dungeon crawler, marinate in Japanese small-town atmosphere and add a dash of Psychonauts and Pokemon and you have Persona 4, the upcoming sequel to cult hit Persona 3 (which I haven't actually played.) It's also M-rated!


Features include:
  • a story that is an enthralling murder mystery instead of an epic quest to save the world
  • protagonists that are ordinary high-school students tormented by psychological issues instead of angsty stereotypes
  • an obligation to do schoolwork and take exams, as well as the opportunity to take a day-job, go fishing or make friends with your classmates
  • an additional obligation to save classmates thrown into an alternate dimension within television sets before their insecurities literally rip them apart on the next foggy day, which gives you a good excuse to crawl through randomly generated dungeons
  • over 180 Personas, which you can summon without having to shoot yourself in the head
  • a J-pop infused soundtrack nowhere near as gratuitous as the one in The World Ends With You, but maybe not quite as catchy
  • A ridiculously long playtime that is somewhere in the seventy-plus hour range, with a New Game Plus feature

It's coming out on December 9. I never played Persona 3, but Persona 4 looks like surprisingly awesome, must-play material, especially in this era starved of excellent Japanese RPGs. Admittedly, the yellow color scheme is a little grating, but what does that matter when the early review scores are off the charts?
Why is it coming for PS2?
It should be for PS3
Same here, i never got a chance to play persona 3 but i played the previous ones.

Anyway, it looks good so i'll probably buy it.
Hellz yeah! I cannot possibly love the MegaTen series more than I already do. ;D

Why is it coming for PS2?
It should be for PS3

What? The PS2 is much more affordable, the graphics are more suitable for it, and I'm pretty sure roughly every one in three people owns it.

In related news, Persona 2: Innocent Sin was fan-translated! Not just a printable script, the whole shebang! Eternal Punishment will completely make sense now! But above all, Japanese teenagers get to fight a demon summoning Hitler resurrected by neo-nazis. Allow me to repeat: JAPANESE TEENAGERS GET TO FIGHT A DEMON SUMMONING HITLER.

EDIT: AND I just found out Shin Megami Tensei Online: Imagine is getting a North American release. I'm playing the beta right now. :D
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I must ask.

Chie, Rise, or Yukiko?

I say Chie.

Atlus knows its fanbase. =)
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If there was ever a video game to end all video games, its last boss would be Hitler. Especially one that looks as damn smug as he does in IS.
I've already beaten the Japanese version. But I'll still order the English version and am going to beat it again :) That's how great this game is. I actually like this more than P3 XD
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
I cannot wait for this game, GameStop website said that the game released today in their stores, I went there today and found out it would be able to pickup on the tenth. But for consolation since I had my reserve receipt they gave me the Visual Data. I could upload some scans and post some in this topic. But reading the visual data book has already gotten me even more hyped, the designs still have that eccentric look. I own and have beaten persona 3, I played Persona 3: FES but never beat the answer yet I know the story behind it. I have just received from GameFly today SMT: Nocturne. So playing an Atlus game will hold me over for two days. Also I don't think Persona 4 would have gotten those sales it it was release on PS3. Atlus knows that everyone owns a PS2 than a PS3. Like Karsuman says it's got an established fanbase and surprisingly since Atlus games never usually make a big splash, the clerk told me a lot of people came in before me asking for a copy and saying if it was out "We would have a huge crowd". Though I doubt Persona 4 will beat high-selling games such as Halo 3. It definatley will get the sales its looking for.

EDIT: Orig I have also gotten that invitation to play the beta. Though I haven't a graphics card for my computer. Sadly SMT: Online will have to wait.
I wish that there was a PS3 version of the same game that was 100% the same but was in higher resolution. That way the text would be sharper etc.


I am ridiculously psyched for this game. Persona 3 was maybe the coolest thing ever made, except its AI party members were a pain in the ass and it was in my opinion game-breaking. That one small change to Persona 4 really gets me going.

If P3 were a PC or current-gen game there would have probably been a patch but.....
I will definitely buy this game.......
If I still had a ps2 :'(
Yeah i've got this on preorder and can't wait to play it.

This will make another game that ruins my life. :P
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
DD? But how? Why go out and live a real life, it's boring and does not feature the summoning of demons or evil shadow creature. Remember kids, the outside world is dangerous. Let video games protect you.

Also, I just started playing SMT: Nocturne, though I believe Persona 3 is better most likely because the story behind it seems not to be as developed as Persona 3 was. All in all it's a great RPG for those whole like being a demon and going through a lot of dungeons.
It's out

I find it a little odd that besides 1up, none of the other Big Gaming Review Sites (IGN, GameSpot, GameSpy, etc.) have reviewed it yet. Maybe it's too small of a game to be on their radar. Or maybe they're too busy playing it?

Anyway, you'd think that with all the 10/10s being thrown around people would pay more attention to this.
wow, you've already got it. I have to wait till after work to pick it up. :(
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wow, you've already got it. I have to wait till after work to pick it up. :(

I don't have it, actually. But it was released today.
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
Well I picked my copy up about 3 hours ago, had it on reserved was waiting through the entire school day to got to GameStop. Even tried to cast a spell to fast forward time, go figure. I've been playing it straight but now I got homework I have to do so I might as well post here. Now if you liked your games riddled with great story. This is definatley your game, the game starts out in the game play department really slow and the intro really doesn't end till the beating the first boss. Though I do have my pros and cons with the game.

The game yet again has amazing story and some really great characters, everything you loved from Persona 3 is here to. Even down to the scene where you hear the one line of spoken dialogue from the entire game from the protagonist "Persona". The game has some colorful enemies and they basically just twist your reality, the worlds are colorful and it's a nice change of environment. Instead of taking place on an island with a bustling city. You have a simple suburbia town that really is like country. Some of the dialogue is really top notch, you are ogled at for being the new transfer kid from the city and some even take offense to your city upbringing and the situations itself is realistic. The story is still dark, for now it seems even darker then Persona 3. The only problems I have with this game is so far, this might scheduled to change. Some of the things that happen are really funny in a bad way. The way the character Chie sometimes react is pretty stupid and weird. The homeroom teacher is my really the only noticeable problem as him and a couple other characters are seemed like cutouts. But this is only a minor flaw one that tends to happen and is covered by everything else. All in all this is a great and awesome game for you to pick up in your collection. A lot of SMT games go unnoticed. Hell, alot of ATLUS games go unnoticed, but they are rare and treasured by the people that play them. The SMT games have established a sort of underground status among the top selling games. But the games keep getting better and playthrough time even higher.


"Everyday is a great day at your Junes!"
Sounds like it's really good NN. I finsih work in a few hours so i'm picking it up then and playing it all night.
I have only played this game for about 20 minutes but so far I can tell that

1. It is exactly like Persona 3
2. All of the cumbersome game-breaking bullshit from Persona 3 is revised (menus, fast travel, controlling your team-mated, length of animations in battles etc are shorter)
3. The dialog and setting are much more creative and witty
4. I will probably love this game and it looks like one of the best RPGs ever.

HOWEVER there is no widescreen which is stupid. Star Ocean 3 had widescreen in like 2004 so why can't this :(
Well I know I'm getting it for Christmas. No one spoil anything or... okay, I won't do anything, but it'd be nice if you didn't. :-\
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