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As unnoficially threaded by moi me'self! E-eek! But, the hypest, most emotionally intense, laborious and fruitful RPG Maker Jam / Competition is back!

Birthing such legendary fruits as the forever iconic 2014 classic Remnants of Isolation, to massive pop appeal hits like OneShot, the IGMC is back here to play with everyone's little fwubby indiedev hearts. And that's as much I'll write on the subject before nonchalantly copying the text from the official jam into this thread and calling it a job well done!

The Indie Game Making Contest has lain dormant. Defeated by great evils, it rested for 3 years, but now, it has been rejuvenated. It is time for the IGMC to once again venture forth, and it needs many stalwart allies. Make the best game you can make with any Maker Engine and join the quest!
You have 5 weeks to complete your task and become part of the legend of IGMC: Rebirth! Join and compete for over $10,000 in Cash Prizes!

I'm failing miserably at writing this thread, everytime I hit "confirm" i break something or half of the text disappears and I have to reformat everything. i_i

This event will forever hold the dearest memories for me, and seeing the lofty prizes and goals fuel inspiration to so many extremes is always beautiful, like a dangerous burning flame! Every time I tried I got badly burnt off, but replaying Resonate today showed how much it was worth it. Truly a crystalization of something special to me. And to so many others who made so many passionate projects, regardless of winning. It truly is a spectacle! I hope to see you participate! <3
More like Misao Stealing Prince
I'm excited!! And I'm super looking forward to seeing what peeps do for the contest!
The last time I participated in the IGMC, I discovered RMN.

Time to make Ruby Radiance 2.
IGMC is very bittersweet for me, but I'm here nonetheless.

I had quite good luck with it and I am confident this time I can do it without, you know, becoming a wreck.
Sunflower Games
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Can use any maker engine =
Makes list of all possible engines =
Forgets that IG Maker exists =
No one cares.

as a non-RPG Maker user i am outcasted :pensive:
That thing you want but never who I am
you could always reinstall it
you could always reinstall it

that ain't the problem lol, too attached to the game engines I moved to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Well hopefully there will be a lot more submissions in the next few days, but I know at least four of the submissions are invalid. All of the submissions by Evernade/vadis began development in May of 2022 or earlier.

EVERNA FireHeart Legacy MV
- Game Page added in June 2018
- Download Last Updated in June 2021

ADILAGA - Clash of the Legends
- Game Page added in March 2014
- Download Last Updated in April 2014

- Game Page added in January 2022
- Download Last Updated in February 2022

EVERNA Shiori Amiga
- Game Page added on May 11, 2022
- Download Last Updated on June 3rd, 2022

I don't want to be an $#%hole here, but rules are rules. And these games don't meet the qualification of being started after the contest began on June 30th.
lol I almost want to let these cheaters in so we, who follow the rules, can still beat their ass
Catabasis is also a game made for another jam that started in May and ended in June, lol. The game looks cool but I don't know why these invalid submissions have not been eliminated already.

Edit: Dream Diary Jam, more precisely. Ran from May 14th to June 26th.
I'm creeping to the finish line. I'm almost there. *perishes*

(red nova cant sue me if I dont use *dies* oh no I used it)
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