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Hi Everyone!

I have been a member of RPGMAKER.net since 2009.
My favourite RPG MAKER is probably RPGMAKER XP due to the large tileset capabilities.

I am a big survival horror games fan and Today I am happy to share that I have launched my first full game called CLAWS KILL.

If you are into survival horror I recommend you to check it out at: https://rpgmaker.net/games/11206/

All feedback is welcome :-)

Guardian of the Description Thread
A suggestion on the gamepage. There's a few images that include a web address/link as part of the image description. While I understand that might be the official site for the game, it messes up how your images page looks, as well as the main summary page. My humble suggestion would be to change the descriptions of those images to just "Game launched!" While you could post a link in the image comments, there's a link already on the aforementioned main page. It's probably an unnecessary step.

As for the summary page, I think you can choose which images appear there with
Manage Games -> CLAWS KILL -> Images -> selecting an image -> Edit -> enable "Use as a homepage image?" checkbox? Sorry. It's been a while since I've done it myself.

*Edit: You might consider removing the link in the "short description" too? I'm not sure. Something is definitely mucking things up in the upper-right of the main page where the Facebook/Twitter/Print/E-Mail buttons are located. CSS issue?

*Edit2: You totally tripped me up with this being an introduction thread, despite you being here since 2009. Like, I was ready with my "Welcome to RMN! Share your creativity with us!" line, with a follow-up of, "...is what I'd like to say, except you already have a gamepage XD"
@Marrend: Many thanks for letting me know!
It should all be fixed now.
Also I know I kinda waited 13 years to introduce myself LOL apologies about that :-)
Guardian of the Description Thread
Happy to be of help! And don't worry about the intro being 13 years after the fact. Everyone has their own pace.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Welcome here after not introducing youtself for 13 years! I hope you enjoyed your 13 year stay and will enjoy your future stay! xD
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