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Okay I could really use a few pointers here with Legacies of Dondoran.

First off; amazing game, etc. You should all give it a try. These few questions are aimed at the people that have finished it and completed the final optional quests.

I need to know where this "lava core" is that the Cursed Helm speaks of?

And possibly where are the 4 crystals that Mr Evil Pants asks for. I'm pretty sure the four "noob" monsters in the bottom of Venom Depths Dungeon drop them.

Also about the 3 seals needed to upgrade the Sword of Light into the LightFury..
I have the seal of divinity and might and I'm pretty sure I have to get the last one at a 5% drop from a red Fiend in the bottom of VDD also.. Just would be great if I had some tips...
It's like toothpicks against a tank
Thanks Dayfled!

The lava core is a room slightly hidden in the big fiery stage of the Venom Depths Deep where your HP tick down.

The 4 crystals drop from the slimes on the very bottom of the VDD.

Seal of Wrath is the last Seal. Drops from fiends in the same fiery stage of the VDD. Just keep killin' em, it'll drop.

You are a true completionist!

You are a wizard, Harmonic.

Great game and good luck in any future work.

Edit: Okay just beat Charybdis pretty easily I think.
Got the Fire Crystal and the last seal.
I've heard something about a Grandmaster's Robe in VDD? Any ideas or could it just be the Archmage Robes?

And what else do I have to do to upgrade the SoL to LightFury?
I heard something about 999,999 Ibra and talking to the man in Minoch Diraen who sells Tomes..
I will look into this.
Just spoke to Bertram Fail; Have to get 999,999 Ibra..
May be hard.
Gonna trek back into bottom of VDD and get the last crystals if I can be bothered.
Maybe later.
Awesome game.

Edit: Nvm, Just sold a few of the 30 elixir's I gathered whilst training to lv 90. Got 999k Ibra gonna check this LightFury ooooout.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
HA ha ha ha ha ha!

haha you should write a walkthrough for your game harmonic. :)
Okay got the LightFury, All four crystals, the Power Suit and have now to fight Evil Pants for his "phat lewt".
Where is he guise?

Oh, and I can see the four trees east of Minoch Diraen that lead to the celestial warriors but I can't get to them.
Any tips?

Scratch that, they ended me in a few turns.
It's like toothpicks against a tank
Go back down to the bottom of VDD and there will be a little portal where the Apocalypse chest was. That'll take you to evil pants. Beat him and the 4 celestials and you will have 100% completion.

But Ishutal will still kick your ass and then you'll yell at me :( Just kidding, haha.
I've read a loooot of comments on Ishutal..
Bugs etc, hit on body blah blah.
Reflect etc.
I've fought once and wrote down a few things.
The Celestial Warriors though.. They're something.
Probably gonna need to think up a strategy..

Edit: Yup the Warriors own me.
But 100% Complete is my middle name.
I'm gonna get level 99 quickly then try out Evil Pants with LightFury.
Maybe his reward, plus the level 99 will sway my battles.

Again; Amazing game bro.

Skill Tree made me smile.

2nd Edit: I've always wondered about the Rasp effect?
What does it do? Because my Sorceror's Rod has it.
I see that after I melee attack an enemy with him they have the Rasp effect on them..
Some sort of random bad effect generator?

3rdddd Edit: The stairs to Evil Pants is pretty gruesome. The Nightmare monster is deadly. I had trouble with Lilith now supercharged Lilith is... pleh.
Oh well. More to work at.
Jesus Christ Evil Pants is hard.
This may take a while...
I don't even know any strategies..
It's like toothpicks against a tank
There's really no strategy for EP. Just survive and exploit the battle system as much as you can. And have good luck.
Oh I pwned him I just realized that there's two forms; Evil and Pants.
Pants did the insane damage so had to take that out first.
Intense loot. o_o
Gonna try celestials nao.

Edit: Annihilated celestials with pumped up Alma. 1998 str, paralyze on hit, 549 agil then haste. Ouch.

Now back down to lava core.. ¬_¬

2nd Edit: Downed that Malevolence boss. Got Signet of Cyrene. Dude, intense. Half MP use, +100 all stats,double int, innervate..Ouch

Now, sadly, for Ishutal :'[[[[
Last Edit: Okay I know believe people when they say Ishutal is Overpowered.
Either it's bugged that she heals 9999 every time I hit or I mustn't be good enough at level 99 with every optional quest completed..
And again;
Is it possible that I have an old version of the game also?
Because I heard that you removed some bugs and I have the version hosted on
Might be the wrong one..
I'll try one from here and shift saves across.
author=Dayfled link=topic=2660.msg50129#msg50129 date=1228918098
And again;
Is it possible that I have an old version of the game also?
Because I heard that you removed some bugs and I have the version hosted on
Might be the wrong one..
I'll try one from here and shift saves across.

Man that would be so devastating if you were like seriously playing the wrong version because you are the most dedicated fan ever.

Also yes LoD is an excellent game.
It's like toothpicks against a tank
I'm pretty sure it's either the most recent version, or save is easily transferrable. But it's far more likely that the DL from RMN is the same as that one.

I have no idea, since no one asked my permission to host on that website, so....
I think I'm gonna have to give up :\
Hate for the first RPGMaker game I fully play not to be finished but.. I really can't beat Ishutal.
Let's just say I did.
It's like toothpicks against a tank
Here is the best strategy for beating Ishutal. First off, the reflect bug is a problem with rpgmaker. To avoid this, dont cast any all-hitting magic until the reflect arm is dead.

1) Have your Sword of Light wielder attack the central body once with a normal attack to make her beatable.

2) Attack the reflect arm with normal attacks. Pump your strongest attacker up with STR, cast bloodlust on them, and let 'er rip. Apocalypse, Balmung, Shinryu, and Seiryu make great attacking weapons.

3) Overwhelm the central body component with your best attacks, and continue to lower her resistances and stats.

Note: The random 9999 heals aren't anything youre doing. That's just her simulating having more HP but the game displays the HP increase. 99,999 HP ran out too fast for my taste, considering how much damage an end game party can do per turn.
Okay I'll list my equips.
I can easily get her to the 2nd form.

My main character has Power Suit so 24/7 Bloodlust, with Lightfury in one hand and Final Judgement in the other.
So in battle I have 1998 str.

Then I use battle stance for whatever bonus to damage.
Because I have lighfury, it does 2 attacks per natural attack plus my Ninjutsu 2nd weapon, I hit three; With a chance to paralyze.

I hit roughly 30k per attack whilst in battle stance like that.

Then Gain is all black magic for me so he can't really do anything but meteor before it reflects..

Alma is my healer and haster.

Krysta has Apocalypse and hits about 5k per turn.

When I get to the 2nd form I just can't kill her quick enough for some reason.
I think I need to stop focusing entirely on my main character and equip everyone evenly for melee combat as best I can..
It's like toothpicks against a tank
When you get her to her 2nd form, you've won. Let everything happen as it will, and enjoy the ending.

Also, the way you equipped Tyranos is perfect. It's really the best strategy to equip one character with the ability to unleash massive physical damage, with the rest being support. Also, Meteor works quite well after the reflect arm is dead.
So just let her kill me?
Because I'm protected from a life-stealing spell or something.
Or do I need to use that blessing item that Pachira tells me is at the bottom of my inventory?
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