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It's slightly bit late, the new lunar year, the year of the rabbit, has started a week ago, but not too late to spice it up with some properly juicy, overambitious and quickly abandoned resolutions. We all have 11 months to left to fulfill them and it clearly is easier to stop smoking in February than in January.

Last year, I think we skipped this thread. And it was a worse year for that. All of us can recall Misaos and lack of epic grandiose adventures (I guess epic and grandiose have similar meanings). Our health got worse and our kids meaner. Some of us even got addicted to anime (not me fortunately, I'm happy with smokos). So, we should renew this ancient tradition and set up some goals. They can be connected to gammak, rmn or to life in general.

I think I have many things I would like to accomplish this year. I finally managed to finish my degree earlier in January and I'm going to be 30 after all. But I also prefer to keep my lists short. 4 or 5 items are ideal. I don't think I have any gammak related goals. In my current situation, they would be naive at best. I don't have many rmn or games or media related goals tbh. I just want to stay some time without a computer, but that's not really a resolution. Here it is (important resolutions are bolded and secondary goals are in italics):

1. Travel to Vietnam for my friend's birthday party
2. Find a proper job
3. Rent a flat or a room with normal living standards
4. Finish and review Soma Union
5. Climb a route rated 7 or more

The first one is dependent on me finding the job soon enough and saving up enough money.
That's why the second goal is the most important and it directly connects to the third. After binge writing my thesis, my living conditions ain't the best. I don't have a lot of privacy, I don't have my own room and I'm moving between two cities very frequently. I don't need a well-paid job, but I need a regular income close to a single place, where I can have my stuff, sleep, cook and have some privacy.
My only gaming goal is humble for a reason.
The last one is sport related. I think this is a good year for getting better at climbing and more importantly working on my physical condition. The goal is to climb up a route a semi-decent rock climbing person can finish no sweat.

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Thank You Cap_H, ♥ good luck with these endeavors.

Me, I mostly wanted to post in this, this year to hold myself accountable. Last year was awful. The worst. The majority of the bad stuff is now out of the way. This year doesn't look like it's gonna be shaping out any better, at least around my area:

...But I mostly wanted this thread to exist this year, cause I wanna finish 6 tech demos then try to release them the following year. If there's any reason why I couldn't finish it this year, at least peeps know what I was working on.

0) a dumb thing
1) Very short, not as good, not a steamed hams sequel, but it's rpgmaker2k3
2) Final Fantasy V: B@BB
3) Very short, rpgmaker2k3 tech demo based on "Cliff Hanger" Stallone

4) Sabin Blitz Tutorial w/ sidewinder.
5) Very short, thing esby asked me to do years ago. might tie into this next years misao promo, similar to steamed hams clincher.
6)Beyond Oasis/Story of Thor, Intro Tech Demo. (similar to the YS3 Wanderers of RMN I did years ago)

Please post your gammak goals this year, it helps motivate the rest of us. I'm personally looking forward to machine that breaths. I feel reading and following it's game development journey is quite admirable, especially when there's shakesup or delays, because that's where the most important lessons are learned - sharing these stories helps us become better creators - check the game out when you have the chance to. I wish there was more guys doing this sort of this work and writing about it in journals.

But yeah, good luck everyone!
Good luck to both of you I hope you make it to Vietnam this year Cap_H

and good luck on making 6 tech demos LordBlueRouge. 6 is a big task to me.

The goal of this year for me is monthly updates for Glory's Fools until the project is finished.
February, I'm hoping to have the databasing an majority of the maps handled. After that I'd like to work on getting trailers and promotional art out of the way.
I've managed to work on it everyday this year so far and I'd like to keep that energy going forward.

I'm hoping for a fall release date and after that, I think I'll work on either a tragedy or noir. Either way though I plan on getting Glory's Fools done first and foremost.
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
My resolutions for 2023, going big!

1: Finish Chronicles Meteorfall, at long last.
2: Get more hours at my job (and don't get fired)
3: Watch some anime I've been holding off on watching for far too long (Madoka Magica, Steins Gate 0, P4 The Animation, Charlette, Love is War, Death Note, To Your Eternity, Sailor Moon, Card Captors, Erased, Konosuba, DBZ Abridged, etc)
4: Begin my transformation into being my ideal self (gimme them tiddle skittles)
Late to the party, but I got a few things in mind for this year to reach:
  • Make a gam (very important)
  • Learn Japanese
  • Earn and save about $2700 dollars
  • Get an actual PC (laptop scrub)

This time I can finally do those things. If not, guess we can just say taking a step is better than standing on the same tile of the floor.
This time I can finally do those things. If not, guess we can just say taking a step is better than standing on the same tile of the floor.

+1 my brother in christ ♥.
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