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Hi Folks,

tonight, I wanna present you a project which I've been working on for almost the last half year. Though the game itself was nearly finished at beginning of September, it turned out the tests took longer than expected. But now I've finally managed to complete the game and release it, therefore I wanna present it now to you, too.

0. Title:

1. Scapegrace? ????
Komarimono/Scapegrace is a Visual Novel created with the RPGXP. Since I first read Visual Novels I wanted to create my own. And this years June 1st was the day I finally started doing so. Well, now the work is finished, tested and ready to be released.

1,5. Profile
Title: Komarimono
Subtitle: Scapegrace
Language: English
Platform: RPGXP
Genre: Short Visual Novel
Perspective: First person narrative
Status: 100%
Size: 61,2Mb
Playtime: 2~6h

2. What is a VN?

VNs belongs to a genre placed between game, book and movie. It has developed from text based Adventures and are especially in Japan kinda popular. Playing the game is comparable to reading books, except the fact that in most VNs YOU can decide how the story will evolve and how it will end.
Recline yourself and enjoy the magic of VNs!

3. Die Story

The story itself is pretty simple. The crucial point is the relationship between father and son.
The point that makes it different to all these father-son-stories is that it plays in Japan during the long gone Edo-Period about 1610 when Japan was just under control of the Tokugawa-shôgunate. Around that time the first Tokugawa shôgun â€" Tokugawa Ieyasu â€" ruled the country. As I don't want to spoil ... I just give you a short view into the initial situation.
The protagonist Goro â€" name freely definable â€" is one day woken by his father who requests him to get ready for a journey This is very surprising to Goro and he'd like to stay and disobey his fathers order. The cause for this journey is not mentioned â€" by that time â€" but one get to know Goro might have got into mischief supposedly again. The father is strict to him and soon they break up for a long journey to Edo, the political center during the Edo-Period. Additional one get to know it's not defined for Goro to come back very soon ...

The story which I want to present you interactively was written at the beginning of the 11th grade. Originally I wrote it as homework for English class â€" the cause why it's in English â€" whereas my story was 2.000 words too long and I did not get any mark. But wayne I got my Abitur anyway.

4. Protagonists

The two Main Protagonists: Father and son:

??, ??: Takeshi, Goro - name freely definable -
Goro is the kind of guy who enjoys to roam around streets, gardens, groves or harbors and loves being free and unbound. But also he likes to play tricks on the townsfolk, thus his relationship to his father is somewhat strained...
He is spontaneous, emotional & creative.

??, ??: Takeshi, Yoshiro
He has intentions to be a good samurai and to hold the status of his family, but that goals are disturbed by his son Goro, since everyone knows he is a scapegrace and that declines Yoshiro's and his family's status.
Yoshiro is emotionless, duteous & dedicated.

Andere Charaktere sind u.a. Goro's Familie, Bekanntschaften oder auch Tokugawa Ieyasu.

5. Features

  • A lot of text and dialogs :P
    Usage of Japanese vocabs that are detailed explained within the game and a pdf-file
    many artworks, self drawn
    photo realistic backgrounds
    classical Japanese music
    Divided in 5 chapters with several scenes
    3 additional endings
    a lot of extras integrated
    how the text is shown is highly customizable
    Japanese texts can be displayed with Kanji, Kana or Romaji
    Automatic saving available
    fully controllable via mouse!
    even fully playable via WINE etc.

6. Additional

Full game download (61,2MB)
A documentation

7. Screenshots!

The Interface

Even the great Tokugawa Ieyasu got a role

The Esc-Menu you can access through the scenes

The chapters

oh, even a poster

Have fun and comment^^
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
The visual style of this game is exceptional! Did this really only take 6 months?
Wow, I gotta say this is a pretty unique idea. I never would've thought of a Visual Novel in RMXP. The idea sounds great and the screenshots are beautiful. I'm definitely gonna give this game a play or two.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
This looks pretty solid. I will make a point of trying it along with the big pile of other stuff I need to try.
thx for your will to try ^^
give me your results when you're done please, I'm really interested in. ;)

to be honest, it took only 4 months to complete (summer vacation & loads of spare time) and the other 2 months I was pretty busy with the University, so the test phase delayed.
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