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Hello, developers!

We are Music Tale, a new video game music company, specialized in RPG, fantasy, adventure and related genres. Although we are already professional composers/producers, Music Tale is a fresh new project, so we're offering a first job freely to a game that we’ll select. It’s an opportunity for you to have a personalized soundtrack for your game!

Here's how it works: we invite you to fill in a form on our website, providing a description of your game project(s) (2D or 3D) and some of its soundtrack demands (if you already know it). The link of the form is: themusictale.com/free-music-service-for-your-project/

Once all the submissions have been received, we will carefully see each project, seeking out what we find to be the most promising ideas. The developer(s) behind our preferred project will be selected, and we’ll work on it together.

Share your ideas with us and we’ll be pleased to work on your game! We encourage you to check out more information about us and listen to some of our music at themusictale.com.

If you have any doubts or just want to contact us for any purpose, you can also fill in our contact form (on our website) or just send us an email at contact@themusictale.com. It will be a pleasure to chat with you!

PS.: If you don't have any project in progress, you can still subscribe to our newsletter in the footer of the page to receive free music assets monthly!

Michel Curi and Luiz Hauck

by Music Tale
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