It's been years since I last played Radiant Dawn. I don't even remember what a blood pact was. I remember something about the half-Beorc, half-Laguz having brands on them, which was silly, but I don't even remember the term blood pact even being used! Either it was just that forgettable, or I'm subconsciously repressing the term in my mind.

Granted, I'm only on Chapter 11, so maybe there is some perfectly reasonable explanation for why speaking to someone about a king in a different world would erase you from existence but clearly and directly implying the existance of such a world by offering to take people there is a-okay. Somehow, though, I doubt it.

Imagine a narrative tool that allows Team A full of good guys to fight Team B also full of good guys but working for the bad guy and they can't say anything otherwise Villain X will invoke the powers of evil magic and cause the people of Team B's country to die in increasing numbers and the only way to solve it is to destroy a contract Villain X wrote and Team B signed because ???????????????????????????

That's what I remember at least. It's been ages for me too. Hell I never finished it either and just read a LP because I couldn't get into it at all.

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I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Wooo! Page 333!

Also I'm playing Kloesim, the game of Kloe's life... Not really, I'm playing Etrian Mystery Dungeons, and I created all te characters from RMNers... Oshun is OP and Libbu is actually a bit useless... It's fun being angry at virtual Kloe for dying. Seriously, Libby does like no damage and Oshun does hundreds, always crits and at a distance too. Kloe and Harold make a good team, Kloe buffs Harold and Heals him and atuff while Harold does damage and protects her. :D

If I can figure out a way to take screenshots, I might do so, it's pretty fun.
Liberty is usually a slow build. Gets there eventually but isn't really stronger until later. XD

What class am I?
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
(OMG I love the new bananya avatar, it's such a cute picture of the fusion between you and your)

Yup, it is, she's only level 9, she's a Protector, but Harold who is also a protector outshadows her, doing about 5x the damage and taking way more blows. (That sounds wrong, blows as in attacks, not jobs you dirty minded peeps xD)
She's not bad in a pinch though, taking attacks for her fellow members, she saved McBacon once and even the almighty Oshun MVP.

Oshun sees an enemy on the minimap, gets in position, even if I can't see the enemy on the screen, fires the gun with a standard attack an usually 1-shots the enemy, so really, Oshun is the most powerful person in my team, even more than Kloe or Ziggy or even McBacon and way more than any of the other guys. Oshun's gun is also OP, it can put them to sleep with a regular attack and is the most expensive most powerful weapon in my inventory. I call it the Breakfast because enemies who come near it are toast. I had this bit earlier where my entire team was almost dead, and Oshun fired the Breakfast at point blank, head on at the boss' face, while buffed by both McBacon and Kloe... It did hundreds of damage and killed the boss, it was so cool!

Odd also isn't useless, he's pretty good, but lol, if I put him with McBacon then it causes the enemies to heal... Yeah, don't mix Mcbacon and Odd.

Unity is pretty new to the team, but fairly deadly, she can put the enemy to sleep and slice it in half, one of my main attack characters.

Kloe can heal, buff and dodge plus can do decent damage, she's got pink hair and a wicked sword, it even poisons the enemy sometimes. She almost always dodges attacks too.

Ziggy is a pretty good healer... Tht's about it... He can also do a lot of damage by bopping the enemy with his wand, plus one of his skills can bop an cause paralysis!

And yeah, the rest don't have much to say about them.

Edit: Forgot "Frogge's" who looks like Simon and is pretty rubbish... I find it hillarious that his signature skill is 'Penetrate' though, haha!
Currently still suffering from my longtime addiction to Rocket League. Also peppering hours here and there in Brave Exvius.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
More Etrian Mystery Dungeons.

Caz and Libbu who are both rubbish, sorry, make a great team, though Caz just dieded and Libbu almost died attempting to avenge her. Caz's tactic was being a medic who couldn't heal and instead bopped things really hard with her staff, but it didn't really work too well. She saved Libbu a bunch, because Libbu does like 5 damage and Caz can actually do a bit, but now Caz ded. Well, for now anyway, until I finish this mission.

Kenton is pretty cool, he has an ability to walk on water, though in battle his stratagy is pretty dumb... It's literally just throwing rocks at the enemy. Nthing else. Not even hitting it with a sword, just throwing rocks.

Also "Frogge's" is so close to learning "Penetrate", I can't wait to say that he can penetrate. Also McBacon learnt Negotiate while Oshun... Is puuting stat points into Gun Mastery mostly...

And Odd has become badass, as long as he's not with McBacon. He can poison an entire room, debuff the attack and defence of an entire room and bind the arms of an entire room. He's basically a swarm of enemies' worst nightmare.

While Kloe is jut learning cool dance moves, like Regen Waltz. And Steph... Is literally doing nothing, just sitting in the town. Harold has now got an attack which sends the enemy flying though, and that is rather entertaining.

And that's about it for now! :D
This went a lot better than expected. Some countries tried to challenge my dominance of North America, but my navy is so strong that other countries can't protect/reinforce their colonies if I get a favourable chance to go to war with them. I think the trick was getting to the Azures before Portugal and getting Iceland very early on, which meant that I could colonise a lot sooner than other countries. I had a massive foothold (basically all of Canada) before anyone else even tried!

Now I just have to avoid those pesky revolutions...

(You can't colonise the grey parts, they're marked as "wasteland". It's funny because similar areas include the Amazon and the Sahara, places that would be genuinely difficult to colonise!)
Just Cause 2 fucks with my compulsive completionist disorder.

I've this feeling I'm going to get into the upper 80's or 90's percentile and then not know what I've left to find...and that'll drive me insane.
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Felt like playing Chrono Trigger again while I wait for class to start.

*25 minutes later*

And I beat it. Thanks, New Game+!
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Played a bit of Heroes 3 today. Thank you, ModHomm3. Thank you for the ability to set up Armageddon to deal negative damage again.

In other news, it also let me mess with secondary skills, to a degree. I had a hero with Basic Eagle Eye, and rather than saying that it had a 40% chance? It said it had an 80% chance. It could probably use some more testing to see if that percentage is accurate, but, it did put a smile on my face when I got into two fights where spells were flung at me, and I learned a spell from both fights.
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I just learned that the remake of Target Earth for the Genesis (my first and therefore favorite game on the system, which I got 26 years agooooooh my god where's my walker) came out this week to exactly zero fanfare! So, I am presently buying a digital copy and sending it straight to my console over the internet, which is why I love the future.

Fake edit: it's called "Assault Suits Leynos" this time.
Oh, the remake came out? Too bad I don't have a PS4, because peeps on another forum I'm on have been hella hype for that for a while now.
Which reminds me, I need to get Assault Suit Leynos 2 for my Saturn sometime soon, while prices are reasonable.

I tried out Pokemon Uranium today, up to and beating the first gym. I'm surprised at how poorly it runs, but at least it's just Pokemon, so it's not like it's really important to have all those frames. I don't really understand why they give you a starter based on four color-coded questions, rather than just using the usual "walk up and pick the one you want" system. The design of the mons themselves have been hit-or-miss for me, but I kinda like the team I've got so far. The most unexpected thing so far was to catch and get use out of a Dunsparce. Defense Curl + Rollout, boiz.
Overall seems like a good fangame, but... it's not like I've really played any Pokemon fangames to have a frame of reference to judge by...

Playing it is kinda rekindling some old ideas I had for a Mon game, hahaha... not that a project like that is really reasonable for me to do lol.
As far as Pokemon Uranium goes... I think the designs in RMNmon were a ton better and more interesting to boot. I do appreciate the option for a Nuzelocke mode, and while I also appreciate the whole looks like boy/girl/ambiguous option for your character, I would have liked at least the option to pick what you're referred to by aside from the images. I picked the ambiguous image because I don't like to play pretty girly-girly avatars, but then everyone referred to me as 'they' and it felt awkward because I know a lot of people have to go through being misgendered and I felt like I was stepping on their toes by choosing 'their option' so to speak.
Besides, looks don't (or shouldn't) determine gender. If you're going to make that an option, at least allow for people to choose how they're referred as.

Also, I thought it was kinda lazy to keep real pokemon in the game. IDK, where's the fun in making a Pokemon fangame if you're not making up all new Pokemon?

That aside, I've been playing Enderal, the Skyrim conversion mod, in my spare time, and it's quite fun. Pretty impressive what they've got into the game so far. Kudos to the team who made it.

I also spent the other night (whilst my brother was using my computer to fix his) playing Ar Tonelico. OMG, this game. It's a bit kitschy, and when I started playing it I didn't think I'd like it that much - I was about 10 minutes in and going "Ugh, no, I'm sick of this already" but 5 hours later and I was trying to stave off sleep just to play more.

It's an interesting little game that I missed when it first came out. I've only got one singer-girl at the moment, but I already like her better than the one they introduced us to at the start of the game so there's that. I'm not really invested in the characters. Or the gameplay. Or the story. I'm not at all sure why I want to keep playing, though - it has issues, but it also has a lot of charm.

I just got done playing Bloodborne New Game +, where I did stuff I missed the first time around: pretty much half the game. Wonderfully made game. Souls in general has become one of my all time favorite game series this year. I can't get enough of them. I started this year with none of them beat. Now all of them have been beaten and all their dlcs.

Next on my list is to finally beat GTA: San Andreas.

I'm also replaying Xenoblade on the 3DS at work. That's been super pleasant for me. And I've been forcing my gf to play Zelda: A Link to the Past and I'm playing it at the same time as her.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
That aside, I've been playing Enderal, the Skyrim conversion mod, in my spare time, and it's quite fun. Pretty impressive what they've got into the game so far. Kudos to the team who made it.

I've been listening to the soundtrack! I'd like to play it, but I'm gonna wait for a week break or something so that I can sit down and immerse myself in it. I didn't beat it but I was impressed by what I tried of Nehrim.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
One Piece Burning Blood on Steam.

It's pretty fun! Gameplay isn't super deep like most fighting games (Street Fighter, Tekken, etc.) but is closer to I guess something like Smash Bros. or other "light" fighting games. Everything is super easy to do, it's just a matter of knowing when to perform what move (so, a fair bit of strategy). I'm pretty sure I still at the game, but it's totally fun and the characters are depicted super accurately.

I've put about ten hours in so far and like it, I'd say that it's great for One Piece fans.
Wow, Blackmoon Prophecy II looks a lot different from how I remembered it.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Sorry, I'll go back to not using my free time for recreation.
Lol, I was just joking, man. Take the time you need.

I'm currently playing some Pokemon Heart Gold for nostalgia's sake. Good times rolling, yo.
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Well, Assault Suit Leynos is kind of a bust. They shoehorn in a bunch of bullet hell stuff that is borderline unplayable when you're a giant, lumbering mech who is so agile that he has to pause and take a breather after landing from a jump.

Fortunately, the new Phoenix Wright game is out on Thursday! Kinda snuck up on me!