Yeah, man, Monster Hunter World is great. I played Tri forever ago sort of towards the end of its lifespan, so I didn't get to play online any, and I still loved it. When World was announced, a few friends and I decided to all get it and play together, and it's been a blast. I hit HR 100 earlier this week.

The whole thing really ate up too much game dev time for the first couple of weeks after its release, haha.
HP or Rolling Meter

Yeah, M3's rolling meter isn't as imperative as M2's, but you can slow down the scroll by using Defend if you need to get someone back up in a pinch.


Okay so I'm trying to play through as much of Kingdom Hearts as I can before 3 comes out, since I've only played the first three releases and barely remember them. So far I'm through KH1, Re:Chain of Memories and most of the way through KH2. Of course now I'm at the point where the story starts going way off the rails and they juggle a million different characters, some of which are presented as important but get far too little screen time before being killed off. I guess now I remember why I barely remembered what happened in this game: there's so much going on and and it's tough to tell who or what is important.

Honestly between the two main games, I'm finding Kh1 to be a lot more memorable. 2 just starts convoluting things in the story and the combat eventually becomes so brainless and automatic that it's tough to stay invested. But I might as well keep going.
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Breath of Fire 3
About to tackle Angel Tower, which marks the game's half-way point. Give or take, anyway. I'm a terrible person, and used codes to max out my fishing points so I could get Ryu onto Giotto. I mean, fishing's probably the most fun mini-game here, but, I don't care to do it that much. I'm not terribly worried about achieving the requirements from other masters. Though, that hide-and-seek group are always a pain to find.

In the Ark of Yamato. That's this game's version of the "bush-rush before the final boss" area. Though, the final boss is a boss-rush onto itself. That thing must have, what, six forms? I dunno. Just have to pace myself on this point. Also, Darigaaz, I forgot how much this game loves to drag it's conversations!
Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. I had to start a new game because I was ill prepared for the battle at the execution grounds.
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I recently finished Skyward Sword.

It wasn't a bad game, but I could really see why it got as much guff as it did. I felt that the controls were kinda clunky and the adventure was too streamlined for my tastes. There wasn't much point in exploring because so much of it was linear in a fake sort of way. I dunno. I still had fun with it, but...I think the title sums it up.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Recently finished Danganronpa 3. Amazing game, and I enjoyed the ending. It was a pretty long sequence, but worth it for the final battle.

I've played the original multiple times, but I'm loving the 3ds re...makester? of Radiant Historia. It's still a damn good story, and Hard Mode now means the battles are actually utilizing the interesting battle system.

Tried Fortnite. Got 4th place. I don't like the building mechanic so I won't be going back much, but I kept it on my desktop for now.

Going to start Night in the Woods soon.

pyramid_head: that's why i keep multiple save slots in every game i play... i don't trust most designers.
Im about 2/3 of the way through Darksiders 2. Its pretty damn awesome.
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Smash is love death and suffering.

I finished Pokémon Fire Red recently, too.

When I went to catch Mewtwo in Fire Red, my team was not the most prepared to handle it. My angle was to have Golduck use Screech to get Mewtwo's defenses down, then manage recovery between spamming Ultra Balls. It took a few tries, but in the fight where I successfully caught it, Golduck was the only Pokémon I used. Mewtwo wasted all its turns using Safeguard and Recover at full health. Fury Swipes took it down to an inch of life, and the ball just happened to work.

It wasn't even a good Golduck, but I guess it proved its psychic mettle.

I seriously completed a lot of games in quick succession. doki-doki

Okay seriously I swear this is the last one for now. It's SMB2 yaaaaaaay~
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Breath of Fire 3
About to enter the Desert of Death, which is probably one of the more annoying places in this game to navigate. I can't seem to get Ladon to apprentice to anybody. I may look that up in more detail later, but, supposedly, having all the dragon genes should do it. Unless acquiring Trance after Infinity did something weird?

Xenosaga Episode Okay One
Got as far as Cathedral Ship. My memory must have been faulty, as I thought this was the first dungeon where all characters were available. Now that I think on it, though, that might occur as late as the Song of Nephilim? That's, like, the second-to-last dungeon in this game. Darigaaz.

Axiom Verge
Probably my fifth play of this game? I've been able to get to, and beat, Uruku without cheats. However, Gir-Tab destroys me. Every. Single. Time.
pyramid_head: that's why i keep multiple save slots in every game i play... i don't trust most designers.
I should have guessed really. I rotated my saves on Vagrant Story in case I royally screwed myself over.

Axiom VergeProbably my fifth play of this game? I've been able to get to, and beat, Uruku without cheats. However, Gir-Tab destroys me. Every. Single. Time.
I played the shit out of Axiom Verge on my PS4 when my PC was out of commission. That boss is a pain. But it's one of the cooler bosses in that game. Have you used the Justin Bailey code in Axiom Verge?

I've recently been carrying my friend through Bloodborne. Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3 were my jam. But I totally forgot how awesome Bloodborne is.

i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
marrend: xs1 is such a weird-ass trip. i'm glad i played it when i was younger since i adore the series but 1/2 are unplayable nowadays.

i cannot stress how much this game is worth your $10.
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Final Fantasy 7
Looking to climb Mt. Nibel. Though, my last session in this game was pretty much focused on learning limits. At this point, Cloud only needs Omnislash, while most others are looking for kills to open up their Level 3 limits. I just got Vincent, so, he wasn't part of that, and Cait Sith is, well, done. Concerning this matter, I'm kinda not looking forward to when Cid joins.

Grandia 2
Man, I keep forgetting how hilarious this game can be at times. At any rate, I'm probably about to face Melfice on the Island of Garan. I think there's at least one more plot-forced loss against him before the game finally lets me beat him? Memory is a bit fuzzy, but, I'll find out eventually.
You need an Enemy Skill materia with that rocket attack, then fight the squid things on the beaches near Gongaga (coincidentally you can learn that skill from them). Those things will help you get your limit breaks up faster since they usually appear in a group and that skill can just blast straight through them.
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Hrm. I forget how much Matra Magic costs off-hand. I don't know if I have that one, either. The way I've handled the Enemy Skill materia in this run of the game is to use a saved-state, and "transfer" what Gil I have on hand into the AP of the materia. I may not recall the exact AP amount of the one Enemy Skill I have been dropping my Gil into, but, I know what skills are on an Enemy Skill are determined by some kind of structure factor system bitwise operator.

Er, anyway, what I've been doing to collect kills is using Shiva, or Fire/Ice/Bolt 2 at the large forest north of Fort Condor. Encounters there generally consist of groups of three or five, with there being a group of two every so often.
Every time I play FF7, I never leave the midgar zolom without his disc one nuke.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I've been playing a fair bit of Jurassic World Evolution lately. If you were a fan of Jurassic Park Operation Genssis back in the day, like park building games in general, or just dig dinosaurs/Jurassic Park, then I think it's worth trying out. I'm about 18ish hours in and haven't started slowing down yet. I'm just taking a slow. leisurely pace with the game and enjoying the ride.
I recently finished The Surge twice. And I've been trying a magic build on Dark Souls Remaster. However, with the announcements of Sekiro, Nioh 2, and Ghost of Tsushima I want to finish Nioh, so I've picked that up again and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
They say Jurassic Park evolution is a mediocre cash grab.
I spent 25 hours with Into The Breach. Play it if you ever liked any game with turns on a grid. Also, RPS recommended Advance Wars as something Beech's players could like. So, I'm about to emulate.
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I just beat Unworthy and am now player The Witcher 2.
(I played the first one already and wanted to play the second one as well before going to number 3.)